The girls kicked some booty on week #36 of MyGirlFund’s tumblr contest

Week 36 on MyGirlFund’s Weekly Tumblr photo contest kicked booty! The quality of submissions was very high. It’s always obvious when our girls go the extra mile to entertain their fans and friends. This week’s offerings provide a good example of that. We have one pro shot, and 5 pro level amateur shots to talk about and entertain you with.  They are all hot and scrumptiously NSFW.

So every week we start with an honorable mention, and this week it is no different.

Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly, is prettydarkpeach’s philosophy.  Her hair is nearly 2 feet long, and she is a weed, smoking dark-lipstick-wearing all around badass.
prettydarkpeach relaxing naked in this subtle black and white.

Next up for week 36 and first runner up for the Mygirlfund Tumblr contest is MeaFox who sent us this shot of her below against an all black backdrop. It’s really pops off the page.  She rocks a Canon 5D Markll and the investment is obviously paying off for her. We think it’s sexy to rock selfies on high end gear.  Mea is a short geeky girl living on the west coast, but she grew up on the east coast. She digs hiking, video games, and science fiction. MeaFox has great lighting in this topless submission.

Next up is is our first runner up for week 36.  Her name is VampireElle, who is a self described couch potato. We bet she likes to cuddle!  This San Diego Cutie has a Quentin Tarantino fetish, and is saving up the adoption fee for a new kitten. We bet the prize money she won for this great shot of her smoking will just about cover it! Congratulations on runner up Elle!VampireElle gets stoned and takes a sexy selfie. 

We absolutely loved this shot below of lushskyy eating her cinnamon toast crunch on the kitchen counter. The note on her coffee pot? adorable. This shot has so much fun and sex appeal that we couldn’t help ourselves. We had to award runner up to her.  I bet you could wake up in the morning to a cute note on your coffee pot and a naked goddess eating cereal on your kitchen counter.

If you click the photo and go check out her profile you’ll see that she is a great pile of fun, and smart assery. She welcomes contradictions, and paints abstract portraits. Her theory is that art, is love. We couldn’t agree more! Congratulations on the wonderfully composed shot lushskyy. Enjoy the cash!Lush_Skyy enjoys her breakfast naked and on the kitchen counter.

That leaves us with three shots, and two first place winners.  This great micro set below from AnnaKarin came in towards the end of the week, and shot up to the top of the list immediately. Just goes to show, you never know when someone like Ana is going to show up out of the blue and rock your socks off with some soft and sexy shots like this. We thought the sheer veil was brilliant, and the rosy lighting was achieved with reflections off the pink wall. Great vibe!  Her profile comes off as very personal and real. She says that she’s a physics student, and would happily discuss some differential equations with you while you browse her content.  Click her photo below and maybe make a new friend, or get some help with your math homework.  Enjoy the first place win Anna! AnnaKarin is creative and beautiful.AnnaKarin on her bed posing for the camera. 

Ok, we are pretty sure that you will agree our final first place winners shot speaks for itself. MinnieScarlett is a model, & an adult performer. She calls MGF home now, and wouldn’t mind letting you know that she will show you the utmost respect if you do the same for her. The lighting on this shot is absolutely exquisite, obviously a pro endeavor. We were completely blown away by the casual artistry it contains. Note the crop is spot on, and there is not a single overblown highlight to be found anywhere! Great shot Minni, enjoy your first place prize money!MinnieScarlet gets stoned for the shoot .Week 37 is bound to be amazing. It has big shoes to fill to compete with week 36, and MGF girls have always been up to a challenge. Great job everyone. See you next week!

2 thoughts on “The girls kicked some booty on week #36 of MyGirlFund’s tumblr contest

  1. Where are these girls in real life? Why can’t I find them at the malls, bars, or anywhere else that I frequent? I walk around the mall and I mostly see overweight girls who wear skinny jeans as if they’ve got the body for it. The crappy thing is hot girls like these are always taken, so when you find them, you already have an automatic cockblock. Man, I’d give up sex for 6 months if I could get down with the hot Asian princess in the last pic.

  2. I made two really good friends through my girl fund and coincidentally, I got in touch with them through the contests of this website. I’ve been coming back to check out more girls ever since and I love the anticipation of seeing new girls every week. Sometimes I see girls I’ve already browsed, but most of the times they’re totally new to me. I start getting to know them because they’re beautiful, but eventually I come to care for them and we sort of take good care of one another. That’s why I love my girl fund.

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