New girls sweetened MyGirlFund’s week #35 tumblr contest

It’s the thirty fifth week of the MyGirlFund Tumblr Photo Contest, and we have a scrumptious offering of beautiful women to present for your discerning eye.

We take the best four shots every week, and pay out prize money for the most skilled, creative and sexy ones. Then we add in two honorable mentions as well, just to sweeten the offering.  What more could you ask for? Once a week we curate the hottest of the hot shots from our Tumblr, and send you a newsletter like this one to let you know who won. All week long our girls get their fans and friends reblogging their efforts, to encourage them to keep making progress as models and photographers.  It’s really fun to watch the progress of our contestants, and root for your favorite.

Honestly, the progress has been astounding. We went from being a brand new page not even a year ago, to having thousands of followers already! Each week the contest gets harder to call, as our vixens step up to the plate and knock shot after shot out of the park.  It’s the funnest game ever! We won’t keep you guessing as to who made the cut this week. We will dive right in instead.

First up is our honorable mentions. This week we had to include two of them because they were so good.

Sexiilexii85 pictured below sent this shot in of her laying on her back. We love the birdcage necklace and the thigh highs.  Her profile says that she likes talking to people who can dish it out as well as take it. She works in PR, and says she LOVES photography. She is a heavy metal mistress who can’t get enough of Slipknot, Pantara, and Static-X.  SexiiLexii85 wearing nothing but her sexy knee highs and that awesome necklace. 

Next up is EmmaWild who sent us this great shot of her backside. We like the creative ink, and the sex appeal is undeniable.  She is a 20 yr old uni student who works customer service by day, and GoGo/Hoop dancer by night. She obviously likes dancing, but also digs art, music, nudity, and reading.  EmmaWild sent in this gorgeous shot, and we don’t know where to look first!

OK, sound the alarm for this next one. Brand new to our contest, KinkyKirsten sent in this public nudity shot that really rocked our socks.  If you look closely at the photo, you can see that she is just a little bit nervous, but a lot more exhilarated by the whole experience.  We love the tall and proud strut so much we decided to place the photo runner up this week in our contest. Congrats KinkyKirsten, great shot! kinkykirsten is too sexy for her shirt.  <3 this shot. 

Next up is the beautiful ConnorJay. Everyone knows we love selfies but this one is downright gorgeous! We appreciate how sharp and well exposed it is, and the eye contact doesn’t hurt things a bit either. This photo is deceptively simple, there are actually quite a few details to pick out of here. Thanks for the shot ConnorJay, and enjoy the cash for making 2nd runner up in our weekly photo contest! ConnerJay is gorgeous. 

That brings us to our two winners for week #35.   First up is SierraTonin who sent in this amazing shot below. We have a sneaky suspicion that this is a selfie, and that makes it even hotter! We love the piercings, the clarity, and the overall sexiness.  First place was an easy choice for this shot. Keep up the good work Sierra, do enjoy the money!SierraTonin  looking amazing on the floor in her garters and stockings

Last but certainly not least is this stunning 1 to 1 crop of YourGirlLexi. This sudsy masterpiece instantly caught our attention, and stayed out ahead of the pack for almost the whole week.  She is brand new to Mygirlfund, but not brand new to a camera that is for certain.  The shoulder and collar bone curves in this photo are outrageously expressive, and we honestly feel that as far as selfies go, it doesn’t get better than this. Great job Lexi, enjoy your prize money, and keep up the good work!  YourGirlLexi shows up to our humble contest, and is an instant contender with this sudsy shot. Beautiful!Already the entries for week 36 are off the chain. Stay tuned for more beautiful winners in about a week!

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