Week #34 was all about the Selfies on MyGirlFund’s tumblr contest

Week #34 on the MyGirlFund Tumblr photo contest definitely brought all the ladies back from the great outdoors and into the house for some fun. The summer energy all confined inside the house usually means that the selfies get super hot! This week is no exception to that theory. With Halloween right around the corner, and the weather cooling off we see lot’s more shots like the ones below in our future.  We can’t argue with that.

We have 7 shots to serve up this week, and the theme is overwhelmingly selfie-centric, with a one off exception.

Were you aware that the word “selfie” is now in the dictionary? If you weren’t before then you are now. You can find it in the oxford dictionary with a number of other newly added tech related terms. By far selfie is the sexiest inclusion this year.

Speaking of selfies, check out the selfie that our first honorable mention Faeleigh sent in below. We think she is adorable! Her profile says that she loves video games, poetry, art, animals, guns, anime, sex and people. Keep up the good work Faeleigh!

Faeleigh is gorgeous. 

Next honorable mention this week is Elizebet . She sent in this selfie below of her jamming her headphones. We loved it so much we had to include it in the line up this week. Her profile says that she is a science student, and is normally a little shy. She likes her guy to make the first move. Ahem.. we wonder what Elizebet is listening to. 

With our honorable mentions taken care of, we move on to the money part of the contest.  First runner up this week is a beauty who goes by the name Screaminggirl.  She’s got a great intensity about her, and this week, we couldn’t choose just one of her pictures to showcase, so we picked our two favs. She has a style that is all her own.  Her profile says that she is just a lady trying to find her niche. We think she has done that brilliantly here. Congrats Screaminggirl, enjoy the cash! ScreamingGirl is hot in the mirror. ScreamingGirl chills out on her bed. 

Next runner up for week #34 of the MGF photo contest, is Natalie35, who sent in our only non selfie winner this week. We thought that the shot was so classically hot though, that we couldn’t leave it out of a spot in the line up.  She is a model and she says that she is sweet and submissive. Subbie guys need not apply,  she says she is looking for some fun conversation so if you are the Dom type, you should click her picture, and send her a message on her Mygirlfund profile to maybe spark something awesome! natalie351 sent in this artful near silhouette

That brings us to the fun part of the week. Our two winners.  First up is Athena Blaze who sent in this great selfie she snapped in the mirror below. We love the soft and intimate nature of it.  Her profile says that she loves to talk, is very open minded, and enjoys meeting new people. She’s also fluent in sarcasm, and happens to love the word “fuck”.  She is an Aquarian with a sweet side, and although she lives in cali, she says she has strong southern roots.  Congratulations on the win Athena Blaze! Keep the shots coming. AthenaBlaze sent us this gorgeous shot. 

Last but certainly not least, is our final first place winner for week #34.  BADNEZ is the bratty pillow princess who sent this amazing shot in below.  We love hotel shots, and hotel selfies are even better. We thought the focal point was clever, and the imagery striking and unbelievably sexy. A moment of motion for us to perv on.. a glimpse into the world of a girl who is into crime, fucking in public places, house parties, and snugglefucks.  We can’t get enough of her. This shot deserves the cash this week. Congrats Badnez! We look forward to seeing what you come up with next.  BADNEZ tests out the hotel mirror for a quick selfie. Well, that’s it. The money is gone, the winners have been announced, and it’s probably time for you to clean up a bit.  See you next week!

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