Stunning surprises on MyGirlFund’s week #32 tumblr contest

Week #32 of the MyGirlFund Tumblr Photo contest delivered some stunning surprises.  Take a look back here over the last 3 months or so, and you will see that the Mygirlfund selfie quality is through the roof.  These girls have that certain something… that natural on camera charisma that professional photographers work so hard to squeeze out of models by any means necessary.  Not all the girls listed here today submitted selfies though. Some sent in some classically shot stunners that stand out head and shoulders. They showcase the personality and beauty that our models are known all around the world for. These girls go the extra mile to get the shot, by any means necessary. So this week is all about the shot. Framing the shot, Taking the shot, and Being the shot all at the same time requires a bit of skill, and a lot of practice.

What that means is we are happy to reach into our pockets and pull out some cash to lay down on the table for the extra effort. With entries like these, we think it is more than worth it.   

Take a look at our first honorable mention for instance.  This beautiful girl who goes by the name Kraww sent us in this Apple branded selfie that stood out because of the cheeky attitude we can read through the close crop.  The manicure with the iPhone, and the stray bit of hair in the face? It all adds up to make a great candid shot.  Quintessential! We wish the photo was sharper, + the lighting is a bit blue, but overall it’s definitely worth the honorable mention this week.  kraww snaps a selfie in the mirror. 

Next on our honorable mention list is another newcomer named matcha.  This shot below would have taken first place if it wasn’t so grainy! This is the disadvantage of not paying attention to the lighting, and exposure values. Digital noise can also happen in post production when trying to lighten shadows, or raise the exposure too high on a jpg. Shoot in RAW to get the maximum wiggle room in your photos from now on!

So often we overlook the setup required for selfies to stand out in a way that actually does the model justice.  Matcha, your beauty deserves HD, and good lighting!

We are rooting for matcha to clear up the digital noise, and show up next week with a first place winner.

There is an advantage to this shot though… it is so damn sexy! We are really digging the suspenders and jeans.  This photo easily makes our second honorable mention this week for raw sex appeal alone, regardless of the technical mumbo jumbo.   We see great things in Matchas’ future on Mygirlfund. Matcha rocks suspenders, jeans, and not much else. 

What happens when you put an exquisitely inked and beautiful girl named nymphetamine on the bed in front of a camera?  This shot happens. The soft and intimate nature of the picture makes it an instant classic. From the daisy choker to to the quote inked on her leg, to the great shade of lipstick that matches her hair and the background, we can see it all in High resolution. It’s a well thought out and overall beautifully done shot that deserves one of our two runner up spots this week.  Congratulations Nymphetamine, enjoy the prize money!Nymphetamine lounges on the bed, and absolutely kills it with this shot. 

Next up is BlazeFyre, who is another newcomer to our contest. Check out this amazingly clear selfie she sent in below. It’s silly, sexy, and personally candid. Not to mention the resolution is outstanding.  The white balance is spot on, and we can’t see any edits whatsoever. See that camera remote she is hiding in her right hand? 😉 This girl has skills.  Take note, and mark the stratosphere for her trajectory on Mygirlfund. Congrats, and enjoy the money BlazeFyre! Blaze Fyre does silly and sexy. 

That leaves our two first place winners for week #32, and we have to say it’s one of the best weeks ever as far as our  first place offerings go. Two stunners from two stunners.  First stunner pictured below goes by the name of DirtyFoxes.  She is lean, mean, and clean in this lens flared submission of her backside. Speaking of her backside… pay close attention to the lighting, and level of dynamic range she was able to achieve with her skintone.  The lens flare is brighter than the hottest highlight on her skin, which means that the exposure setting on her camera was definitely NOT set to auto. Backlit portraits are tricky, but DirtyFoxes pulls them off easily.  The charm bracelet, the provocative composure,  the slight rotation on the shot to make it look like the curtains were blowing in the breeze, not to mention the outrageous sex appeal are ingredients that combined correctly make a perfect shot like this one really come to life. Congrats on the first place win! you deserve it DirtyFoxes. Dirtyfoxes in this stunning shot. 

Last up for week #32 is our final first place winner. She is an absolute legend on MyGirlFund. ViciousVixen shows up when she wants to, and easily pulls consistent wins.  We are certain dear reader that you will agree this is her best yet. Completely print ready, and brilliantly composed this shot is as much about the colors as it is the composition. Notice how all the muted colors play well together? This does not happen accidentally, and mid day shots like this are almost impossible to get with your camera stuck on auto.  Despite the bright sun being directly overhead, we can still make out the tiniest details in her bikini. We see no signs of editing, and we are left wanting to see moar! My goodness VV you did it again. Congrats on the first place win! Vicious Vixen relaxes in the pool. Stunning shot. You know the business, next week. Same time, same channel. Be there with your pointer on the reblog button all week to support your favorite girls.

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