Gorgeous girls took over MyGirlFund’s tumblr during week #31

Week #31 on MyGirlFund’s tumblr gained momentum with a flood of absolutely gorgeous new girls, not to mention some current contenders who are seriously stepping it up. We love the competitively friendly nature of this contest, and so do our fans!  To be honest, we couldn’t ask for a more balanced mixture of college girls, divas-next-door, graduates, milfs, and hedonistic hotties who aren’t shy about making their fans and friends happy.  Spending a few minutes at the MGF tumblr page is like taking a trip around the world, and stopping in to check out the bedrooms of dozens of hot girls along the way.

One unique thing you will find when you check out the profiles on Mygirlfund is that these girls have goals! Yes, it’s a lot more than sexy fun to our ambitious princesses. We have the most forward thinking, and empowered girls on the internet.  That’s why we created this contest. From paying for college, to running businesses, building houses, involvement with dozens of different causes, taking care of elderly relatives, or just providing a comfortable living for themselves and their families these sexy girls are taking charge and we are stoked to help!

The guys on MGF couldn’t be happier to help either.  These generous and helpful souls have been helping genuine friends all over the world and you can too! Just click on any of these pictures below and send a free message. We are certain that our hotties will be happy to oblige your curiosity.

First up this week is our honorable mention PuddleWonderful. Yes it’s true she really is wonderful. This shot below explains more than we can about her level of creativity, and prowess with a camera. The selfie is an art, puddlewonderful has it mastered!  PW likes crying about the concept of time, luring men to their deaths, and high fives.  She also likes creating media to stun her ample audience.

PuddleWonderful absolutely kills it with this great high contrast shot. 

Next up is our first runner up for week #31. AubreyLayne is a brand new MGF girl, and also brand new to our contest! We love it when that happens.  Her profile says  that she doesn’t have an online persona, what you see is exactly what you get.  She loves indie, folk, punk, metal, and dubstep. That’s a wide variety! She has a sarcastic sense of humor, and can handle just about whatever you throw at her with grace and class. Stop in today and give her her first rating.

We’re happy to give her some cash for this great shot below. Congratulations Aubrey!

Aubrey Layne is smokin hot. Nice shot!

Next runner up is Bellexbijou. She is a slightly modified bassist/vocalist in a punk band. Self proclaimed nerd wonder, and story telling firecracker.  We think she is absolutely beautiful.  This shot below has a great sense of style, and we are happy to say enjoy the cash!  Bellexbijou shows off her incredible sense of style. 

That brings us to our winners for week 31. Starting with DeathanddDecay below. This shot has it all, and so does she.

She quotes Nabokov, digs Arctic Monkeys, and Fall out Boy, and is making friends by the handful lately. We are sure that this picture below isn’t going to hurt that effort a bit. She’s paying for school, and is only 18 yrs old. This outdoor nude below has all the right stuff. That’s why we are happy to award first place, and send her some cash! Congrats D&D. deathandddecay is seductive, and almost nude outdoors in this submission.

Last but not least is Lolitachan, who sent in this gorgeous shot of her on a chair below. The sense of style, and the crop are perfect.

Checking out her profile tells us that she is a rebellious submissive girl who loves being adventurous and spontaneous. She digs anime, reading, and gaming. She also likes horror movies, so make sure you stop in and tell her what your favorite is! Congratulations on your 1st place, enjoy the money! Lolitachan gives great depth of field. That wraps it up for week #31.  Make sure you reblog often for our beautiful contestants. They always show love in return with more submissions. See you next week!

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