Week #30 was a tease on MyGirlFund’s tumblr

Welcome to week #30 of Mygirlfund’s Tumblr Photo contest.  This week is all about teasing, diptychs and triptychs oh my!  We don’t know if there is such a genre as “pro candid” but if there isn’t, there needs to be. We get the best candid submissions on the internet. We pay big money every week to watch the progress, and amazing artistry of our diva’s next door.  As a rule it would seem from looking at our entries overall that MGF girls love to tease, preen, and strut for the camera.  We have noticed that the more love a girl gets from her audience, the better the shots become! It’s like a symbiotic relationship between audience, and girls broadcasting from bedrooms everywhere.  What a network MGF has become!  All you have to do, is sign up, plug in, and connect with real girls from all over the world.   Think we’re bullsh..ing? Click one of the pictures below and find out for yourself. 😉 Some of them bite. Some of them don’t. There is only one way to find out.

So without further adieu, we bring to you this week’s parade of astonishing beauty starting with our first honorable mention. Mygirlfund Legend Cherrybella has been rocking her new camera. Her overall sense of skill has gone up tremendously. Check out the selfie below as proof of that.  Wow. Just wow.   Stopping by her profile tells us that this girl has got it going on! She has style, brains, and class. Not to mention.. ahem. Yeah. cherry_bella and her beautiful butt.

Next honorable mention for week thirty is Artemisia, who sent in this beautiful dyptic for our viewing pleasure. And it is indeed a pleasure to view. Great angle, and overall just hot as hell.  Her profile says that she is moderately pierced and tattooed, and she enjoys permaculture gardening/homesteading, making herbal medicine, wildcrafting and foraging.  If you combine her naturalism with her digital skills, you have a really dynamic person who would probably be a lot of fun to talk to! Artemisia sends us this gorgeous upskirt diptych. 

So that brings us to first runner up. Another multi-photo entry, this time in the shape of a tryptic submitted by misspalegirl.  We love the bed theme, and the different angles and lighting. The one on the bottom of her face though, is the one that has us reaching into our wallet.  Normally we wouldn’t pay for overblown highlights, but sometimes, the rules can be creatively broken to great effect.  This is one such example.  Her profile says that she is off to Uni in september so we are absolutely certain that the money she wins will be put to good use. Congratulations MissPaleGirl. MissPaleGirl sent us this gorgeous tryptic this morning. 

Next runner up is KenzieKitten. Her profile says she needs 300 bucks to get down to colorado for some mysterious mission.  We are pretty sure that sending in this photo was a smart move for her, because it won some money!  We love the pose, and the quirky sense of fashion. The pink phone case matches her lipstick… The whole vibe of it is undeniably cute, and for that we’re happy to contribute a nice fat chunk of her colorado fund. Enjoy your stay Kenzie, Congratulations! KenzieKitten posing in the mirror. 

That brings us to the creme de la creme of week 30. The two winners this week both stand out for their sense of artistry, and skill.  BlackVelvet pictured below is a winner for this great shot providing both non conventional depth of field, and an unposed looking candid that is at the same time, pro quality. This elusive combo is exactly what we are looking for when we announce our two first place winners every week.  She doesn’t have a lot to say about herself on her profile yet, but that is because this girl is almost brand spanking new! Make sure you stop in and welcome her to MGF, and congratulate her on winning our contest! blackvelvet sent us this pretty candid today. 

That brings us to a stunning girl who goes by the name of LanaCherie.  Take a look at this photo below, and feast your eyes on our final first place winner for week 30!   The off camera gaze, and the beautiful crop definitely does this photo justice. The clarity, and sharpness are all absolutely perfect, to compliment and illustrate Lana’s gorgeous symmetry.  She has no tattoos, no piercings, and quite accurately ponders on her mgf profile that this might be something that you guys are into.

We encourage you to click this photo, and congratulate her for this wonderful shot, as it won some money, and at the same time firmly established her as an instant heavyweight in our humble little contest. LanaCherie, all we can say is wow!Thousands of followers can’t be wrong. The MGF Photo contest is the place to be this summer. Make sure you check us out!

2 thoughts on “Week #30 was a tease on MyGirlFund’s tumblr

  1. I have to say this is one of the best collection of pics I’ve seen on ilovemygirlfund and let me tell you I’ve seen them all. Artemisia looks amazing in the first set of pics and I wish I could see a little more of misspalegirl. As per usual I agree with the number one pick, because LanaCherie looks like a dream in the last pic. I would never leave home if I had a girlfriend like her at home. Hell, I’d probably never leave my bed LOL~!

  2. The girls on this website are “real” and that’s why I enjoy watching these girls so much. These girls are not porn stars or professional models, they’re mostly girls who started modeling nude to make some extra cash, while having some fun. You feel a lot more connected to these girls than watching professional models, who could care less about you. Knowing that these girls make friends with the people who are fans of them makes me feel close to them and them being hot multiplies all the good things by ten fold. I just love watching these girls 🙂

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