MyGirlFund Girls Brought the Heat in Week #29

It’s week #29 of the MyGirlFund Tumblr Photo contest, and we are moving along quite nicely. We are seeing a flood of new girls who absolutely know how to rock a camera.  Overall the quality of our offering continues to get better and better as we move towards week 52 for our 1 year anniversary.

It’s always nice to see the effort that goes into these shots, and this week is no exception. We reward the most creative, and the most skillfully achieved shots with a juicy contribution to our contestants funds on MGF. It’s a great feeling knowing that we get to help out towards some very worthy goals, and at the same time be delighted by shot after shot of real girls next door doing what they do best… being amazing!

This week we will dive right into it by starting out with our honorable mention this week.  She is tall and beautiful, and hails by the name of LanaCherie. She has been making a splash in our contest pretty consistently over the last month, and this week is no exception.  See this forced perspective shot below? The low ceiling combined with a portrait style shot cropped beautifully, and taken from a low angle really works out well for her. We wish the lighting would have been a little better, but overall very impressive!
LanaCherie sent in this forced perspective shot. Nicely done.

That brings us to our first runner up for week #29. Her name is DirtyFoxes, and she is another new contestant! We liked how clear and sharp this picture was, and we liked how the subject is well lit and focused on the eyes.

Her profile labels her as a marvel AND a DC fan. She is just 18 yrs old, and she isn’t afraid to say what everyone knows. Right at the top of her profile she lets it be known, that “bitches love cake”. (Her words, not ours!) So.. we figure we better reach into our pockets, and pull out some cake for this shot. It’s worth it.  Congratulations DirtyFoxes, and keep the shots coming.  Photo contest newbie dirtyfoxes is gorgeous!

Next runner up is MiztressSophie, who is into mind control, and generally dominating you silly boys. She has hypnotism modules for sale on her profile that are designed to “addict you to her”.  We dare you to buy one, and tell us whether or not it works! We are too scared to buy one, as we don’t want to become a slave today but instead, we will just reach into our deep pockets and pull out some money… Oh. That’s probably exactly what she intended us to do. This girl is good! MiztressSophie lays out on the couch for this nice angle. 

That brings us to our two winners this week. Both are seriously amazing at bringing the heat each and every week. Take Chezza, who sent in this great shot of her rocking her MGF gear, and showing off her pretty feet. She has the angles figured perfectly, the exposure and the sharpness absolutely nailed, and the white balance? Forget about it, it’s perfect. Great shot, on par with pro production values, and done right there in her bedroom with minimal gear. Chezza is living proof that a lot can be done with the basics. It’s not the camera gear that you have, it’s how you use that gear. Oh yeah, the lighting… it’s spot on. Obviously this picture was well thought out. Notice how you can’t see any edits? Great job Chezza, enjoy your money and congratulations on winning another first place. You deserve it! Chezza sports her MGF gear! 

That leaves a very beautiful, and very creative contestant who goes by the name of AmelieVaBruise for our other first place spot.  This shot perfectly illustrates why we respect her skills so much. We suspect that this was a selfie, but we can’t prove it. This is the ideal situation! Notice the well thought out composition, and depth of field. You can’t get good depth of field by accident.   We love how zoom friendly this photo is as well. You can zoom in and count her eyelashes if you so desired.  Well done! Congrats on another win Amelie!

amelievabruise could not be more beautiful.

Week thirty is just around the corner. Keep your eyes peeled on the MGF photo contest Tumblr page for a running list of new entries. Keep up the reblogs, and comments. It means the world to our contestants.

2 thoughts on “MyGirlFund Girls Brought the Heat in Week #29

  1. Wow.. it’s been a while since I’ve been satisfied of all the pics in a single a week. This collection by far is one of the best ever and I’m having a difficult time selecting the best looking girl. If I had to pick the best looking girl… and I mean if I had to, I think I’d select DirtyFoxes. She’s got that 50’s glamorous look about her and her body’s something out of a dream. Beautiful girls. All of them.

  2. MiztressSophie is posing in my favorite position when penetrating a woman. I can’t help but be bias about her because of the position, she just make me horny like a sex maniac. The rest of the girls, I tried looking, but I just go back to MiztressSophie again and again. I have a feeling I’ll be shelling out lots of dough on MiztressSophie for the next couple of weeks.

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