These Girls Are Pretty Amazing: Week #28

Life is great in week #28 of the Mygirlfund weekly Tumblr photo contest. It was a hard week to call, with plenty of going on back and forth about winners and runners up etc.  One of the hardest weeks yet for us to judge!  Fear not though, we did indeed call it and we think it’s easy to agree that the level of skill has gone up tremendously among our contestants.  If you hop on over to the site where all of our submissions are archived for your viewing pleasure, you can apply your critical eye, and be amazed by what a little bit of cash, and a lot of love from friends and fans can do.

These girls are amazing in the fact that they are not just average pretty faces. These girls are ambitious, real, quirky and exotically girl-next-door. They come from all over the world. Full blown professionals, hobbyists, lobbyists, Students, amateur teens, minor movie stars, and more can be found gracing the pages of our little contest. These girls are selfie queens. Our parade of posing perfection is sure to entertain and excite.  For example, take our first honorable mention this week. A newbie to our contest who goes by the name of Sarah Sparks. Her entry this week is reminiscent of a bygone era of pinup girls and war effort posters.  Her profile says that her favorite place to travel is Venice. We can definitely see the Italian influence in her work.

SarahSparks must be talking naughty to someone.

Our first runner up this week is Smiley, and we swear she must have got a new camera because the overall technical quality of her shots has increased dramatically.  We definitely have our eye on her, as she skyrockets from beautiful contestant to savvy winner!  We stopped over at her profile, and learned that she has a thousand or so candid snapshots to share with her friends as they message her, so that getting to know her is that much more fun. Sounds like shes been busy! We swear some of these gals must live with a camera in their hands at all times. We are definitely not complaining.  Enjoy the cash Smiley, you make thousands smile every time you submit. You deserve it! smiley gets great depth of field in this sexy submission. 

Next up, and second runner up for week #28 is a girl who is known as Monday. She captured a beautifully soft sense of motion and intimacy with this shot of her pulling off her lacy shirt.    We liked it so much that we decided to reward her, by contributing some cold hard cash to her fund.  It’s fun to help, and rewarding to know that at least in small part we are helping to forward the ambition and goals of some of the most beautiful, and clever girls on the internet.

Her profile says that she digs tea, Woody Allen movies, warm baths, and prancing around in her underwear. (Prancing!) Congratulations Monday, enjoy your cash. Monday takes it all off for the camera. Beautiful! 

LanaCherie is relatively new, but has established herself not only as a serious contender, but also a sure winner.  We love the anonymous but still intimate nature of this shot below.  It captures something special we think, and it deserves to be near the top of our list of winners.  Notice how the “rule of thirds” is creatively, but expertly broken here? Also notice how the shadows are not underexposed. The subtle lighting, and the overall sense of composition in this shot makes Lana a little richer this week. Congratulations, and do something fun with the money! LanaCherie reads in the nude.One of the top two winners for week 28 is ViciousVixen, who is as dynamic as she is vicious. Around the hallowed halls of Mygirlfund this beauty is a Legend.  She’s been around making your day (and night) dear reader for a few years now, and it only gets better and better. Check out this shot she sent in below!  She’s an MGF rock star, and her sense of confidence and fun is as much of a turn on as her stop rush hour traffic good looks.

She’s currently restoring an old boat, and we have it from a good source that this one is actually part mermaid, as well as boat mechanic. She loves the water almost as much as she loves mygirlfund.

Enjoy your cash VV. Congratulations!ViciousVixen looking like a star in her fishnet top and panties.

Great job ladies! Week 28 was a memorable one.  Keep up the great work,  we will see you next week!

2 thoughts on “These Girls Are Pretty Amazing: Week #28

  1. I love girls with bush, so obviously my choice for the girl of the week would have been Monday. I don’t know what’s with all the fad of shaved vag anyways. Aren’t we supposed to grow out of that fantasy at around 8 years old? Anyways I love Monday’s look, but ViciousVixen is a very close second. I like girls that have some curves, notice the keyword “some”, I ain’t into mad big girls. I’m definitely checking out both girls on mygirlfund.

  2. If I could have just one night with Smiley, I’d give up a month’s salary and perhaps a little more. I could even trade a month of no sex if I could have one night with her. I went to her page 🙂 She looks cute, playful, and sexy. She’s a little of everything with kinkiness sprinkled all over her. I guess we all have different taste when it comes to women, but she’s most definitely my dream girl. Smiley, if I can’t have you physically, then I’ll at least have you virtually.

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