Get a slice of heaven on MyGirlFund’s Tumblr: Week #27

Week #27 is a slice of heaven at the Mygirlfund Photo Contest Blog over on Tumbr.  This week brought a lot of  new girls, and the sense of drama is heightening as we get closer to week #52.  Just about every week, another newbie has taken one of the first place prizes.  No we don’t plan it that way, but that is certainly how it has been turning out. Guess what? This week is no exception.  Seriously this has to be the best photo contest on the web. What more could you ask for? The hottest, realest girls on the internet in various stages of undress posing in glorious HD for the adoring consideration of their fans and friends.  Who do you think should win? Make sure and pick your favorites, and show some love by sending out some reblogs for week #28, especially now that Tumblr has made it harder for us to get the word out.  What they have against beautiful naked girls next door we will never know.  Thanks Yahoo.

The best way that these girls are going to keep a captive audience in the massive numbers that they are rightfully used to, is if you show some love and reblog! #Adult Tumblr Tags are so June of 13.  😛 So when you can’t find your favorite girl by searching tags anymore make sure you write Yahoo a love letter about it.  You can’t hold sexy back though. Reblog and comment on your favorite photos, and we guarantee we will keep coming up with the hottest girls on the internet at a ridiculously rapid rate.  Deal?

Without further chit chat, We will get right to it then.

First we show off our honorable mentions. Chezza is quickly becoming a contest favorite, and this wet T-shirt submission should make it obvious as to why that is.  She says if she could certify her body as organic, she would. It’s obvious she is already a certified diva. Chezza in a wet t-shirt looking amazing per usual. 

Next honorable mention is DaisyRay who has been giving up some great summer shots in the country. She’s a stoner chick who loves making videos. Judging by her photos, we’re guessing that she is probably pretty good at it.  Great shot, and good job not blowing out the sky on this bright summer day! DaisyRay showing off her country roots. 

So let’s give away some money shall we?

Our first runner up is LanaCherie who is a sexy intelligent redhead, who pulls off pale extremely well.  This shot is clear, well composed and at the same time candid. We think somehow the unfinished door frame adds to the picture, although we don’t know why. Whatever. It works, and we are happy to fork over some bucks for it. Congratulations Lana!  Do something fun with the money we’re sending you.

LanaCherie posing sexy in her lingerie.

Next runner up is a girl who has been a strong contender most every week since she found this contest. TuesdayVonD sporting cutoffs, and nothing else makes for a captivating site. 😉  We couldn’t ignore how utterly hot this shot is, so we decided to pay her some money for it. Take note fellas, that is how it’s done. TuesdayvonD shows off her ink, and a bit more than that. ;) 

So we reach the best part of the week. The part we debate and consider all week long as the new submissions come pouring in.  The part where we give out some first place prize money.  This week, Nymphetamine easily takes the cake with this great bathtub shot. The overall sense of style and artistry, combined with the forced perspective  deserves the gold.  This girl has it all!  If you click over to her profile, you can see more of her great sense of artistry showcased.  Congrats!

Nymphetamine makes us want to take a crowded bath. 

Last but not least is another new face to our contest! RebeccaRed accidentally submitted this picture the first time without her screen name attached to it!~ It’s a good thing she realized why her submission didn’t post, and corrected the error and resubmitted, because it’s quite obviously first place material. Her profile tells us she hails from Scotland, and has a bit of a submissive streak. She knows a thing or two about taking selfies, and we are happy to contribute some money to her fund for this one in particular.  Click on her picture, and send her a message to congratulate her on winning!

RebeccaRed  showing some cleavage in this beautiful self shot.All we can say is great job ladies! Keep stepping it up, and keep that shutter moving. We will see you next week.

2 thoughts on “Get a slice of heaven on MyGirlFund’s Tumblr: Week #27

  1. I’ve had plenty of dreams starring the first girl 😀 I must have dreamed about girls wearing wet shirts about a million times and probably most of them in my high school years. I sometimes don’t agree with the girl of the week choice, but this week I’m in full agreement that no one but Rebeccared could have won it. She’s simply breathtaking…. There are girls who are pretty and there are girls who are beautiful. Rebecca’s the embodiment of beauty.

  2. Most of the photos this week have that artistic feel about them. I’m not complaining about it by the way, I’m actually really impressed at the quality of photos these girls post. It almost feels a little dirty to get boners off these photos, because it feels like they belong in a museum rather than at my girl fund lol. I don’t know if the girls check out the comments section, but if you do, great job on your work girls. They’re all very tasteful.

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