We’re halfway to #52. Week #26 on MyGirlFund’s tumblr

The July heat turned everything up a notch in week #26. We can’t get enough of summer, and the gorgeous sights it brings.   We are seeing more new beauties than ever before, and our humble little photo contest is turning into the place to be, if you are into beautiful girls taking of their clothes for an epic weekly photo contest. Half a year in and we have dozens of regular contestants, and hundreds of different faces to gaze at. Wait a minute, what are we talking about? You can do more than that if you click on any one of these pictures. You can talk to your favorite girls personally over on Mygirlfund. Check out a few profiles, and tell us what you think!

So back to the photo part of our photo contest. 😉 We noticed so many talented and beautiful new girls cropping up that we thought we would point to a friendly reminder of our rules and criteria for winning some easy money. Check this post out for the rules, and don’t forget to edit subtly!

Speaking of cropping, we want to give you this handy little diagram to help you out when you crop your photos. This is by no means the final authority on artful crops, just some common rules to understand before you creatively break them! We are astounded by the level of classy sex appeal, and artistic prowess we see every week from our ladies, and anytime we can make a large number of photos drastically better with just a simple tip or two, you can count on us to do it!

So here it is. cropguidelinesTry to avoid cropping where you see the red lines, and you can guarantee that your pictures will acquire that certain “something”…  that secret ingredient that makes your shot stand out from the rest.

So. With this weeks photography lesson out of the way, we (finally) bring to you week #26.

Our honorable mentions this week are ScreamingGirl and Shaina Doll.

ScreamingGirl is a newcomer to our contest, as well as a recent winner in week #25. It seems like she is determined to stay at the top of the short list. We don’t blame her one bit.

ScreamingGirl being less than modest.

Shaina_Doll has been brushing up on her skills as well, and this shot shows it! Great capture, and always a sexy addition to our lineup.

Shaina_Doll wearing summers best, cut off jeans.

That brings us to the part where we reach into our deep pockets, and pull out some money for our favorite shots of the week.

FIrst runner up is Kawaii who never disappoints her fans. You can count on her to be over the top creative, and unbelievably sexy.  Her profile tells us she loves good smelling candles, cute stuff, and comic book super villains. Count us as fans. Enjoy your cash Kawaii!Kawaii warming up for some fun in the shower. 

Next runner up is Raylai, who we swear wins so much that we have to be paying a portion of her rent by now.  This girl is on fire! Great depth of field, very sexy, well lit, and the GI Joe? Cute. Were happy to fork over some cash. Enjoy it Raylai! Raylai is under attack.  She doesn’t seem to be very intimidated. 

And (it still surprises us) ANOTHER NEWBIE WINS IT.

We will start the first place roll call with Kezia. We were floored by how candid, and at the same time professional this shot looked. It looks like we are right there in the room with her, and we couldn’t think of a happier place to be.  Enjoy your money, welcome to our photo contest, and congrats on the win! Kezia has got the face-down ass-up arch figured perfectly into this shot. <br /><br /><br /><br /> Shes also new to our contest! &lt;3 

And the the best we saved for last this week. BlackSwan’s submission is artful cropping done right! We thought that it was definitely worth first place after only seeing it once. Brilliant job making use of the space inside of a one by one crop.  This shot has beauty, sex appeal, and thumbnail appeal. From a mile away it looks great. In short, we are happy to give BlackSwan some dough for it. Great job, and congratulations on the win! BlackSwan letting a nipple slip.

Next week brings more jaw dropping beauty from our lovely contestants. We can tell it’s going to be one of the best weeks yet! Keep your eyes peeled on the Tumblr, and repost your votes for the win!

2 thoughts on “We’re halfway to #52. Week #26 on MyGirlFund’s tumblr

  1. I’m really nitpicking here because all the girls look hot, but last week’s pics were definitely hotter than these. I gotta say, Blackswan’s pic wins number one by a mile. It’s the most tasteful, sexy, and arousing. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not saying that any of the girls here look ugly by any stretch of imagination. I’m just saying, Blackswan takes the cake and eats too.

  2. Am I the only one who thinks Kezia’s booties are the most precious gift from the lord himself? I just got the boners of my life after seeing her ass! I know these are just regular girls, so I tend to be very gentle with my comments most of the times, but damn! I would leave Kezia’s ass useless if I had my way with her LMAO! I have to know this girl better. She just earned herself a new fan.

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