Showing Love for MyGirlFund in Week #25

It’s week # 25 of our epic Tumblr photo contest, and we only have one question to ask: Do you love MyGirlFund or what?   Our parade keeps getting hotter as the line of beauties keeps growing.  If you click over here and scroll down for a few miles you will see exactly what we mean. It’s endless!  All the way around the globe and back we have hot girls next door who are completely willing to have at least an entertaining one on one conversation with you.  So make sure you keep that in mind when you are doing your normal routine surf-and-drool. These aren’t just photos, they are real girls active on Mygirlfund now. Your reblogs and comments mean the world to them, and as you can tell by the quality of the submissions they try harder and harder every week to please you, dear reader. Show some reblog love, leave a comment, and in the meantime enjoy this weeks helping of heaven, brought to you faithfully by the girls of mygirlfund.

So first up is our honorable mentions, and this week both were very close to placing. Ameliavabruise  is a perpetual favorite around here for her imaginative and well composed shots. We loved the shot below, but wish it was rotated about three degrees to the left, and we wish her feet weren’t cut off at the ankles. So close though! Her pinup style never ceases to amaze. amelievabruise curls up around the frame of this photo she sent us. 

Next honorable mention is CosmoGirl who has a great pose going on here with her beautiful ink perfectly showcased. Her body is smokin hot, and the picture is sharp. We just wish she would have checked the white balance before she sent it in!  There is a great article here about white balance that should help you lovely ladies achieve perfect coloring every time.  Either way, CosmoGirl is another contest favorite for her ability to wow with her photos. Her profile says she is 22, and has been around MGF since the summer of ’11. Currently she is having technical difficulties with her macbook air, maybe you could stop in and help her fix them?

CosmoGirl being a tease..

Here is where we reach into our pocket, and put our money where our mouth is. It is a distinct pleasure to contribute so regularly to the funds of some of the most beautiful and down to earth women on the internet. These girls have legions of fans, yet the vast majority of them are never too busy to answer your emails, and maybe even spend a few minutes in chat with you. (remember, we said maybe!)

TuesdayVonD is no exception. Somehow or another she keeps sending us fantastically clear and HD submissions that do nothing but compliment her form and figure. She is an amazing model, who always saves the best of her weekly shots for all of her wonderful fans on Tumblr, MGF, and the world abroad.  This bikini shot rocked our socks, and we had to give her runner up for it. Congrats Tuesday, enjoy the money! TuesdayvonD is where we want to be.  

Next Runner up LanaCherie who is a newcomer to our contest. With shots like these, we see great things in her future both on MGF, and here in our humble little contest. She is definitely an instant contender with this diptych she sent in. Note how the dark shadows are graduated? That adds depth and dimension to these photos, and shows a good sense of subtle editing.   Her profile says she is a sweet and intelligent woman who is looking to chat, flirt, and share pics and videos.  That sounds like a very clearly worded invitation for you to go personally check her out. She seems like a great gal, and were happy to contribute to her fund for this awesome shot. Congrats Lana, enjoy the cash! LanaCherie looks good from all angles. 

That leaves our two big winners for week #25 of the Mygirlfund Tumblr Photo Contest.

Guess what? If we had a bell we would ring it. ANOTHER new girl takes 1st place!  This week seemed like diptych week, and ScreamingGirl’s rose to the top. What can we say? It’s artsy and sexual at the same time. The blindfold, and the slightly blurred shot to the left, compared with the blindfold pulled up and her seeing clearly with the sharpened photo on the right? This girl really gets it!  We loved it so much, we’re going to send her some prize money. Congrats on the win ScreamingGirl. Keep the shots coming, and welcome to our contest!

ScreamingGirl submitted this beautiful diptych.

That leaves another perpetual favorite here in our photocontest. Raylai really outdid herself with this shot, by leaning backwards down the stairs to give us a view, at an angle that is hard to shoot! What a great job she did showcasing one of most stunning parts of her body.  We like that the shot is well composed, cropped at good places, and of course is in beautiful HD.  Her profile lets it be known that she is a 23 yr old princess. When you stop by her profile and check her out, you better act accordingly. Last we heard, princesses like diamonds right?

Congrats on the win Raylai! Keep it up, and enjoy the cash. Raylai is either falling down the stairs, or going to extraordinary lengths to give us the perfect angle on this HOT shot.  #dedication. <br /><br /> &lt;3 

See you next week boys and girls for another epic adventure in beautiful photography.

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