Happy 4th of July! Week #24 Sparkled on MyGirlFund’s Tumblr

Week #24 of our Tumblr photo contest was short and sweet this week so we figured that our weekly post will reflect that. We will skip the honorable mentions and get right to the good part, where we give away some money!   It’s an unforgettable lineup featuring some classic photo contest favorites this time around.  These girls put a huge amount of work and effort into their submissions every week, and we are happy to give the big 4th of July salute to them by sending them some cold hard cash!  The shots are great, the weather is perfect and there is a BBQ somewhere with your name on it.  We will present the winners and runner ups here so that you can get right back to it.

Happy 4th of July!

First runner up for week #24 is Raylai, who finds the best angles to present her beauty. She is a stunner, and her modeling and photography skills have taken off lately!  This shot of her on all fours was so sexy that we couldn’t pass it up. Plus it looks GREAT in HD.

Her profile labels her as an English princess, and she is looking for her Prince Charming . If you believe you have the disney skills required to hang with this hottie, then click on her picture and drop her a note letting her know you have what it takes! If it turns into a happy ever after sort of thing make sure you drop us a note to let us know.
Raylai gets great depth of field in this shot. 

Next runner up this week is Artemesia who has some of the most creative and natural outdoor nudes in her collection anywhere. This girl LOVES to be naked outside.  We can’t argue with this compelling logic  considering the insanely hot weather we have been having.  This high resolution shot perfectly showcases her unique lunar ink, and her impish grin which her fans rave about.  Artemesia loves anything to do with being close to the earth. Homesteading, foraging, and wildcrafting are among her passions.

Hopefully the extra cash she won this week can buy her some supplies for her rural lifestyle. Congratulations!
Artemisia flashes us a cute grin. 

That brings us to the fireworks this week. The big winners!  The part that you wait for every week.  The best shots on Mygirlfund’s Tumblr photo contest for week #24.  Both of our # 1’s this week sent in dual submissions that anyone would be proud to have in their collection.

First up is Belle, whose 1×1 crops are always stunning. This week they really stood out though, and we are happy to watch belle progress so much so quickly with the quality of her selfies. We are pretty sure Belle could write the book on ” The Art of the Selfie”.  Her profile tells us that she produces only top shelf quality, but in mass quantity .These shots prove that she’s not kidding around. Click her picture and find out for yourself! Congrats on the win Belle, you deserve it!
Belle gets the best selfies. 
Belle is gorgeous.  

That leaves our other #1 for week #24; PuddleWonderful. She is indeed wonderful, as these two shots will quickly affirm. These shots are High Resolution, Sexy, and even conveniently blue screened!  Her profile lets us know that she lives in the asshole of the United States. While we personally don’t have anything against Michigan, we do feel for her. Hopefully this prize money helps her set her sights on someplace a little further up the anatomy of the US.

Congrats on the win PuddleWonderful, keep them coming!

PuddleWonderful is one sexy alt school girl.

PuddleWonderful reads us some Mary Shelly. That concludes week #24 of Mygirlfunds weekly Tumblr photo contest. Stay tuned for more awesomeness all week!  See you all next week, and have a happy and safe 4th of July.

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