An epic week #23 on MyGirlFund’s tumblr

Week 23 of Mygirlfund’s Tumblr photo contest has been fantastic for creative composition, newcomer surprises and amazing improvements. We love to see the overall progress and brilliant graphic strategies of our contestants. We are definitely impressed with the consistency of our HD entries ever since we updated the contest’s tumblr site to reflect our beauties in glorious high resolution. Way to step it up ladies! The parade of perfection continues this week with ANOTHER brand new-to-our-contest-winner. First pic, first Win. That’s pretty epic.  Read on to find out who it is!

First though, we have to get to our honorable mentions, and runner ups.  We think that you will agree it was a tough week to call! Each of the shots below are clear, well composed, and each rocks fully correct exposure values. Not too dark, not too light. Notice how your eye naturally travels to the intended location? 😉 That’s the power of composition .

There is also a big power in a strong friend and fan base. Our follower count keeps growing and we are keeping our eye out for the exponents to kick in. Then the best kept secret on the internet might not be such a secret anymore! We hear that a woman gets a certain tingle in her toes when she is rewarded with the adoration and love of her fans. Every reblog contributes to that state of mind, of that we are certain, because we get the same feeling when we look at our count rise.

So let’s make it an epic week, and put our left mouse click down on the re-blog button for our display of beauty and style.

First honorable mention in week #23 of our photo contest is Caliguluv who sent in this outrageously cute photo of her all dolled up in her pinup blues. The red shades, green hair, and cross processed edit makes for a unique and fun composition!  According to her profile, Caliguluv shoots on an old vintage film canon AE-1. Who says film is dead? Caliguluv submitting a sexy retro self shot.

Next up on our honorable mention list is Belle, who is always up for sending us in some just slightly softened beauty, like in the shot below. She knows how to keep it mysterious, and classy. This shot is a great example of that vibe. She is top notch, and high quality her profile will have you understand. Treat her with respect, and she will look out for you! She has been on MGF for about two years now, and she brings to the table a sweet, but no nonsense vibe that we know you will love. Click her picture to send her a message and get to know her better!

Belle has really stepped it up lately with her submissions. Great shot, beautiful crop. 

As most of you regular fans know, this is the part where we start throwing money around. And first in line to receive that is runner up MistressBane. Her shots have been getting better and better. Seriously, a girl with her eye on the prize is a thing of beauty. Mistressbane is all attitude and determination, as her trademark middle finger so aptly illustrates. Fuck you too MistressBane, and enjoy your money, great shot!

We swear that MistressBane is taking photography class in her spare time. The improvement is drastically awesome! Props. 

Next runner up is a perpetual favorite around here, Calliekisses. She wins some money for this great candid shot of her in her bedroom. Her just being herself is always highly entertaining, and we are here to tell you it’s worth it to go grab an MGF acct just to say hi to her. She is a passionate university student studying a creative writing and media course. We hope that this pocket money will help ease the burden of tuition a little. We’re always glad to throw some money around for girls like this, who take pride in the quality of their work. Kudos Callie!

CallieKisses somehow keeps getting more beautiful with every shot she sends in. She really is amazing. 

That brings us to our two weekly winners in the 23rd week of our photo contest.

The hottie below is a Legend on Mygirlfund. She goes by the name of ViciousVixen, and she is every bit of both adjectives.  Right now, her profile says that she is in the process of restoring an old 79′ Mako 20. For all you landlubbers out there, that is a boat!  She has some great restoration pics on her profile of the project in progress. This girl is an aquatic goddess who we swear is part mermaid. She is beautiful, adventurous, ambitious and she knows how to rock a camera, and a great pose! The shot below should go a long way towards convincing you we speak the truth. Easy win! Congrats, and happy sailing.

Vicious_Vixen sent in this beautifully well composed photo.

That leaves the last post for the week, and it’s another brand new winner!  She shows up, makes an account on MGF, enters the photo contest, and wins. It seems like a safe bet to say that this stunning and busty beauty knows how to get things done. She goes by the name of 34Jpinup, and we bet you can guess why she is named 34J. Her profile says that she is saving up to take a trip abroad. This should cover the cab ride to the airport, and probably some more after that. Kudos, and congratulations 34J. Keep them coming in!
34jpinup shows up out of the blue with this absolutely beautiful selfie. This girl knows how to work that nikon of hers!

That wraps it up for week 23, and we hope you have thoroughly enjoyed yourselves! Stay cool in this insane summer heat, and keep your eyes on the Tumblr page for a preview of next weeks line up. Let us know who your favorites are, and don’t forget to show some love by re-blogging, and sharing with your friends. Until next time!

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