Week #22 MyGirlFund Tumblr winners!

We break the ice on week #22 of Mygirlfund’s Tumblr Photo Contest and it’s another serving of fresh faced beauties to present to our hungry newsletter audience, and the thousands of Tumblr followers we put this show on for.  Our girls have no problem sending us the best of the best of their weekly shots. We put them up on our Tumblr, and once a week we decide on two winners and two runner-ups to give some money away to.  They drop off great shots in our inbox, and we drop off cold hard cash into their fund.

It’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask us, and we don’t mind paying it forward! It’s just one more reason why Mygirlfund is the social network with the most heart anywhere.   Our community tends to be more fun, more real, and more exciting than the other usual hangouts. The only way to find out is to go set yourself up with a free account!  It’s nothing to click on a picture, and send a chat, or an email if you would like to talk to any of these beautiful girls one on one. They are here for their friends and fans! We guarantee that there is amazing conversation and more to be found behind every one of these profiles.  This awesome photo contest is just one of dozens of contests that MGF puts on every year, and there is always something to do, and someone to cheer for over here where all the hotties hang out.

So without any further what-are-you-waiting-for’s we bring you week #22’s honorable mentions.

First this honorable mention week is Rahchelle, who keeps making it into this newsletter effortlessly by providing creative and sexy shots like this one.  Her profile lays out more pictures that she has, and her public photos are definitely worth checking out as well! She is into DIY, and herbalism. Definitely a photo contest heavy hitter.

RahChelle dropped this off today. Stunning! 





Next honorable mention is Raylai20 who snapped up this selfie that is just overflowing with cute. We thought the Pj’s and the kitty combined with the clear sexiness was definitely worth an honorable mention this week! Her profile says that she is always up for a laugh and she is extremely open about herself.  She loves guitars, cars, books and fashion. Great combo!

Raylai and her adorable cat in glorious HD. We love it. 


Now we get to give away some money to our the runner ups and winners!

Our first runner up this week is Kiraduh who sent in this clean shot of her against pure white. We love shots like this!  No confusion about what the subject is about.  Perfect exposure, great expression, and undeniable sexiness! Enjoy your cash Kiraduh.

Kiraduhh on pure white. 



Next runner up is Brunella whose profile labels her as the “brunette brush girl with the barbarian hips”. We’re not sure what that means exactly, but we are definitely fans of her hips. She sent in this shot of her on the bed that we couldn’t deny this week.  It was so sexy with the pink skirt and all that we had to give her some money for it. Enjoy Brunella!



Brunella caught just right in the light on her bed. 


That leaves our two winners to announce, and then it’s back to your regularly scheduled programming.

First winner this week is VammyRose who presented this wonderful headshot. Her blue eyes, and the soft expression takes the cake this week!  Vammy is a switchy 19 yo canadian who loves punk rock. Were happy to contribute to her sex pistols fund… or whatever else she might want to spend the cash on. Keep them rolling in Vammy, and congrats on the win!

VammyRose and her ice blue eyes. Gorgeous! 



One more winner left, and she goes by the name of ragdoll. She is definitely in the top two this week because of this great shot. Sometimes multi colored lights just don’t work. Other times, as in this instance they multi colored lights definitely do work! It’s a tricky thing to get down, but she seems to have it down to a science.  She is a model and a photographer, who hails from Virginia. She is also a Mygirlfund Newbie. So make sure to stop in and pay her a warm congratulations! Enjoy your money ragdoll.

Ragdoll takes perfect advantage of some great light. She is beautiful! 

It’s been fun boys and girls, but we have to get going. Until next week make sure you keep an eye on the Tumblr and let us know who your favorites are!

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