Week #20 Smoldered on MyGirlFund’s tumblr

It’s week twenty of Mygirlfund’s weekly photo contest.   The unforgiving summer heat is here with a vengeance and we couldn’t be happier about it! Soaring temperatures mean that our contestants send in their entries wearing less and less clothes.  You can stroll down the red-carpeted winners list this week and see that most everyone was feeling the heat.  Right now, all over this half of the globe, real girls next door are taking off their clothes as quickly as they can to catch a break from this crazy summer heatwave.  Bless your lucky stars that you get to see some pictures as proof!  The timing couldn’t be better to stop in and say hi to one of your favorites.

These beauties are a cool breeze on our bursting thermometers. All we can do is grab a beer and admire the scenery. It’s week 20 boys and girls, and is it ever HOT.

First honorable mention this week goes to aphrodite2012 who shows off her colorful vibe in this shot of her on her bed. Note the vinyl hanging on the wall? Yeah that is pure awesome.


Next Honorable mention is littlelaney who is an absolute professional when it comes to beating the heat. Her profile tells us that she is worth it. All of it. Somehow we don’t doubt that a bit. Nice shot littlelaney!


That brings us to our last honorable mention this week, who sent in this classic derriere shot. 18 yr old PlantBaby has all the right curves in all the right places.  Her profile says that she is saving up money to get an apartment when she starts her university next year.  Keep sending in shots like this and you stand a great chance of earning some of that money ahead of time.  Great job!


It’s now our favorite time of the week! When we get to give away some cash to the girls who sent in the best picture. It’s never easy to boil them all down and choose winners but it’s a job worth doing when you get in shots like Chezza’s, our first runner up. .  Shes been rocking the contest strong lately, and we’re happy to award her one of the top spots again.   Her summer night time flash was a hit around here. We know you will all agree she deserves to win some money.  So Congrats Chezza, keep them rolling in!


Our next runner up is MissBelles, who sent in this cute shot of her on an old hardwood floor. Nothing goes together like beautiful girls, and hard wood. Ahem.

MissBelles says on her profile that  shes really into horror movies, food, her kitty, and currently, the poor girl is sick with the flu!  😦 It’s too hot out to be dealing with the flu.

We think a little extra cash in your fund should help cheer you up a little bit. Cute shot, congratulations!


And on to the final two. This week these shots rose to the top for a variety of reasons. FIrst of all because of the skill involved in making these shots. Both look deceptively simple to do, but in reality they are both quite tricky exposures to catch!

yerawizard’s low key shot is oozing with sexual energy.  We thought that this was a great mix between edgy pop culture, and art. Not to mention she is just drop dead gorgeous. With shots like this in her repertoire we think she will be a heavy contender. Yerawizard is new to MGF. Her profile says she is a 20 yr old modified photography student.  Your dilligence has payed off!  Yet another newbie takes first place!

Congrats yerawizard, enjoy your prize money.


And last but not least is IIcypuma, who sent in this amazing portrait. Every piece of this picture was deliberately thought out ahead of time. The exposure is perfect, the leading lines are doing magical things, and the sense of composition is flawless.  This is one for the portfolio!  We loved it so much we are going to give her some money!  Great job iicypuma, keep on producing these amazing photos! tumblr_mnkdviTa9U1rjqkloo1_1280

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