Week #19, MyGirlFund’s Collective Visual Force

Week 19 was all about the sheer artistry of our Mygirlfund Hotties. We were really surprised at the amount of creative submissions we received.  Every week brings a few more newcomers that really know how to get it done. (Spoiler alert!) This weeks winner is one of them.

We have seen a definite increase in the artistic department.   And the hotness? Forget about it. It’s off the charts.  So is the entertainment value. This contest has become a lot of fun thanks to the creative geniuses that Mygirlfund has apparently been hiding all this time. As a result,  week #19 has brought a whole new standard to keep up with. The submissions have been mostly in stunning HD, and these contestants are obviously taking their skillsets seriously!  Just take a gander at our Tumblr page to see for yourself! These beauties are a collective  visual force to be reckoned with. With the help of our fans and our lovely contestants, this tumblog is shaping up to be one of the best on the internet for real girls, being real.

Do you think you have what it takes to hang in our contest? Head over to Mygirlfund and get yourself verified. We will see you here.  Maybe you can show up out of the blue like our winner this week did and win some quick cash!  This contest has become it’s own little mini community of artists, photographers, models, and fans. The publicity is great for the contestants, and the fans are treated to a daily dose of never seen before real girl fantasy material.  Never have their fantasies been this close! These girls will actually talk to you. Just click on one of the pictures below, and send an email to find out.  No tricks, no catches… only the best damn social network for adults anywhere.

So here we go. Get the popcorn, and turn off your phone. Send the kids to bed, and tell your wife you have a conference call. This is week #19 and were about to give away some money to some seriously amazing girls.

Like always we begin with our honorable mentions.

Butterflyluv is a soapy and sudsy mess of sexy in this 1×1 crop she sent in.  Her profile tells us that there is a lot of adult fun to be had over in her neck of the woods.


iicypuma goes all renaissance on us with this great picture she sent in.  We love the classical styling and the come hither venus pose. If we were painters, this is what we would be painting!  Her profile says that she is a tiny 21 year old geek. We see bright things in her future!

Next up is TuesdayVonD.  We love Tuesday any day of the week, and today is no exception.  This gorgeous girl is exactly 5 foot nothing, and admits to being a tad bit awkward. Try as hard as we might we just don’t see it. She looks every bit the Diva that her fans think she is.

Runner ups

Oh yeah. This is the part where we get to give some money away! Like to Chezza who sent in this great human plate shot. What a clever idea!  Notice the unobtrusive watermark? That’s how it’s done ladies.  We clicked over to her profile to learn that she is 100% natural. No synthetic anything. She says that she responds to all her messages, so there really is a high chance that Chezza might talk to you if you sent her an introduction message.  Enjoy your money Chezza, congrats!


Next Runner up is Onlyskin, who really knows how to frame her… ahem… assets. The blown out background forces our eyes right where they are supposed to be in this shot! We say it was highly effective.Her profile is pretty effective as well. She likes Bob Dylan, the X-files, and Lolita. Seems like there is a pattern of flattering composition with this girl.  She has a blunt and up front style that is very likeable. There is lots more to her than a beautiful Derriere. Stop over and say hi to find out yourself! Enjoy your money Onlyskin, we really enjoyed the shot!



Week #19 Brings two winners that easily wear the crown. Both very new to our contest!  This is exciting, because that means there is still much more to come from both of them .

First up is puddlewonderful. We stopped in at her profile to check her out, and all we can say is WOW! This girl is awesome. She is 100% unique and she is not afraid to tell you what she does and does not want.  We love her sense of confidence and we are IN love with the picture she sent us this week.  It’s got style, focus, and shows an intelligently subtle use of negative space.  We expect greatness out of this one. Enjoy your Cash PuddleWonderful!


Our final winner this week should definitely make you pause. She is the amazing Jaina.  Her profile tells us that she is as down to earth as someone as beautiful as this could possibly be. She is studying psych, and currently fixing up her apartment. She is a ball of school stress and crazy fun all rolled into one.  We are happy to hand her some money this week for these outrageously beautiful shots. We know it’s going towards a worthy goal. Good luck, and make sure you send us some pictures of the remodel! tumblr_mn4apyobIh1rjqkloo1_1280

tumblr_mnbbhnTpdN1rjqkloo1_1280See you next week!

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