Nothing is sexier than a girl with goals. MyGirlFund tumblr Week #18

We have some more raw beauty this week to serve up to all of you screaming fans.  Our follower count keeps rising and it’s easy to see why! This is definitely the place you want to be if you are into beautiful girls just being themselves.

There is something so sexy about a girl with digital secrets. You would never know that cute checkout girl, or waitress has an AMAZING portfolio for her digital friends.  In fact, if you don’t meet her online, chances are you will never ever know.

Our divas open up their photo albums once a week and pick their best shots to send us.  We select a handful of winners and hit them up with some cold hard cash. It’s just our way of saying thanks and paying tribute for the hypnotizing spectacle that they provide.

Who knew a photo contest could get this hot?

It has to be obvious to everyone in the know that Mygirlfund is one of the best kept secrets on the internet. The girls of mygirlfund come from all over the world and speak dozens of languages between them.   They are all shapes and sizes, all nationalities and religions. Some of them are shy and some of them will talk your ear off for hours at a time.  All of them are beautiful. They are the realest and most amazing girls on the web.

The ones who regularly enter our photo contest are usually passionate about photography and media creation.  The best thing about it? You can actually talk to these girls. Just click on their picture and go to their MGF profile! It couldn’t be simpler.  Be nice to these women. They are a rare breed. 

We love rewarding the hard work and progress of our contestants.  Nothing is sexier than a girl with goals. You can help as fans and friends by reblogging and showing some comment love!

We would say that a chance at connecting with girls like this is a don’t miss sort of opportunity.  All of these super stunners call Mygirlfund their virtual homes. We are stoked to have the distinct privilege of being the visual gateway into their natural habitats.  So feast your eyes on the girls of mygirlfund. It’s week 18 of our photo contest and per usual, things are copacetic.


Our first honorable mention this week is Angelkiss, who is cooling down in the sexiest way we can think of.  She is a feisty latina who has a great sense of style and humor.  We absolutely adore her. She is definitely a secret superstar/ Goddess next door!

tumblr_mmuwighFSV1rjqkloo1_400Next honorable mention is Peachybabie.  If the exposure on this shot was just a little higher it would have definitely placed in the top four. Still it is an alluring and classic bedroom shot that beautifully personifies that real girl vibe . 

She dreams of being a director one day and her profile tells us she is chill and easy to talk to.  Send her a chat, and find out for yourself!


Our final Honorable mention this week is Chronia.

Her shot was more than hot, and we couldn’t bear to leave it out of this weeks post. #Girls on their beds, it couldn’t get better. Oh, where would our modern day fantasies be without girls and their webcams?  Her profile tells us that she is an intelligent ball of  incredibly complex sexiness. She is a teenage neuroscience major with an exhibitionist streak and a passion for learning. MGF is helping her pay her way through college.  We’re betting there is a thing or two that she could teach you if you went and said hi. 

That brings us to our runner ups for week #18 of Mygirlfunds Tumblr Photo Contest.


First runner up is CutegirlEmmaHer leg warmers and high heels “totally” remind us of the color filled 80’s. Plus the view… Pretty sure that this view could make a preacher stutter.  Her mygirlfund profile says that she can dance all night. With a shape like hers we don’t doubt it a bit. Click her picture and go talk to her yourself! Let us know if your badass enough to keep up with her. 

Were happy to give Emma some cash for this great shot.


Next Runner up is AlysinReid, who blew us away with this beautiful selfie. You have to be blind to not see that this girl is no slouch with a camera. Self shots usually don’t look this good, and we are betting it’s no accident.

She is a go-go dancer according to her profile and she says that a good way to start a conversation in her world is to talk nerdy to her. Polish off your pocket protectors and go say hi boys.

Enjoy the cash Alysin, Great shot!

That leaves our pair of  Winners for week #18.

tumblr_mmwfehjnZp1rjqkloo1_1280First Winner is Cherrybella. Yes, that Cherrybella, Mygirlfund legend, and hot girl next door superstar. She has made hundreds of friends and fans all over  the world, simply by being herself. She is sweet, smart,  hot and approachable. We love everything about her. Not only are we fans of hers, we are also loving this sun flared photo she sent in for our contest.

Enjoy your cash Cherry! 


We bring week 18 to a close with our final winner, Rahchelle. This photo is surreal, and beautiful. It easily wins first place! We are looking forward to more hotness from her.

Her profile tells us that there is nothing pretentious about her. She is into DIY, and Sexy Positivity. She’s still a teen, but has advanced taste in music. You can currently find a lot of folk punk on her playlist.

Congratulations Rahchelle! Your beautiful photo won you some sweet cash. 


That brings week #18 to a close. We will see you next week with another exciting lineup!

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