MyGirlFund’s Girls of Summer are Back! Week #17

Week 17 of the Tumblr Photo Contest slowed down a little towards the last couple days of the week, & we know why. Girls are out and about taking jaw dropping pictures for Week 18 in this intoxicating summer weather! It’s been amazing, everywhere you go you see bikinis and girls outside enjoying the radiant sunshine.

We did still get a ton of great submissions and we definitely see that some of our girls have been enjoying the warmed up world at large. We are preparing for a wet and wild summer, and you should be too! 17 weeks of photo contest awesomeness so far and we still have three more seasons to go before week 52! Imagine how many thousands of gorgeous girls are going to be on this page by then. Best to subscribe now and stay up on who is who from the very beginning! This parade of beauties gets more spectacular every week.
Don’t be afraid to reblog your favorites either. Once in awhile, we have an epic reblog contest, and your efforts definitely count!

We couldn’t be more excited about how great our audience has been in supporting their favorite girls with comments and reblogs. It only encourages our contestants to bring their very best game.
So game on for week 17!

Angelkiss gives us our shoe fetish fantasies, delivered in her typical designer style. We love it! Her profile tells us that she is Latina, and from Texas. Plus she loves being sensual and sexy. We think it’s easy to see!

Next up is Scarlettscreams, whose t-shirt series of submissions this week was outstanding. This is one of our favorites. Holy Hotness Batman! This med school beauty is a complete geek according to her profile. She is a switchy, comic loving submissive who is new to Mygirllfund. With style like this would say she is off to a perfect start!

That brings us to AndeeDollface who looks perfectly turned on in this hot self shot submission. This girl knows how to rock some stripes, that’s for sure!
Her profile says that she drinks whiskey, listens to rock n roll, and wears high heels. She is also in a serious relationship… with pizza and music.

Finally our last honorable mention for the week is ThelmaK whose colorful sense of style and sexy is right up our alley! Her profile says that she is saving up to buy a laptop. We think if she keeps sending in pictures in to us like this, we are going to be able to help her in future weeks get closer to that goal!

That puts us at our Runner Ups for week 17 of the Mygirlfund Tumblr Photo Contest.
First Runner up is melbell, who tells us on her profile that she is moving into new digs. We are happy to help towards that goal this week with some cold hard cash, for this shot of her in a wet t-shirt. Congrats! We can’t wait to see your shots of you in your new place.

Second Runner up is TuesdayVonD who dropped this black and white shot off in our inbox. WOW, the sense of artistry, and candid beauty combined really paid off for her this week. She is awkward, she says on her profile, but hopes that she can still be your friend. She drives a lifted jeep on 33’s fellas. She will probably outdrive you. Enjoy your money Tuesday, and kudos on the great shot!

That brings us to our winners this week.

Winner #1 is SexyStephXS who took this great shot by the river in her sexy plaid bikini! This picture definitely reminded us of why we love summer! Steph says she loves doing improv… like “who’s line is it anyway” style. She is one of a kind and she won our tumblr contest this week! Enjoy your cash and keep up the amazing work!

Last but not least by any stretch of the imagination is DaisyRay who outdid herself this week with this amazing candid mirror shot. We think it’s highly creative and absolutely stunning. She says on her profile that she is a slacker stoner chick, but with highly creative and subtle shots like these, we say don’t change a thing! Enjoy your money Daisy.

Stay tuned for week 18. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for new contestants and make sure to reblog your favorite summer beauties!
It just keeps getting better.

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