Week #16 of the MyGirlFund Photo Contest

Week 16 at Mygirlfunds’ Tumblr Photo Contest wraps up with a burst of last minute entries. We love how unpredictably creative it is every week around here. What better way to show our appreciation than to fork out some money in return? Speaking of appreciation, we also went and changed our tumblr theme, so now the photos that you send in are displayed loud and proud in Stunning HD.

Here are some very basic, but highly productive tips for looking fly in HD, brought to you by the Mygirlfund Tumblr Photo Contest.

The new photo display area on the MyGirlFund Tumblr is 800 Pixels wide, so your photo entries should be at least that wide!

If you are using your mobile device or phone to snap your shots: Make sure the file size is set on largest setting.
If you are using a point and shoot camera, make sure that your largest JPG setting is selected.
If you are using a DSLR, then you should shoot in the RAW, or RAW+JPG setting. For maximum quality, edit sparingly, and export to large JPG size. A few great photos were turned down this week because of excessive borders and watermarks. A good rule of thumb, is if we can see your edits, it’s probably too much! ❤ Don't let it get you down, and keep trying. Watermarks shouldn't take away from your picture, they don’t have to be obtrusive to be effective!

We want you to have a leg up in this contest by arming yourself with some basic knowledge, and stepping up your photography game. We think those tips will greatly increase everyone's chance at bringing home a win!

*Real Girls + HD* is unusual and rare. With a few basic adjustments to your camera settings, you can produce photos that stand out head and shoulders above the rest. This equals out to real money in the hands of some of the realest, and most beautifully stunning women on the internet. We think it's a perfectly symbiotic relationship!

So without further tech talk, we bring you more Girls of Mygirlfund, now in HD.

Our honorable mentions this week are all strong contenders. It was difficult choosing winners, like it usually is, and our Honorable mentions were no different. There were a lot of great submissions this time around!
First up is Kinkypixie, whose sense of color and composition can’t be denied in this photo. Her profile says that her native language isn’t english, and that she believes in “seizing the day”. She also lists her hobbies as traveling, reading, and photography! It's easy to see that this girl works her Pentax overtime.

Next honorable mention is Chronia. Her shot gets points for being lit creatively, and for striking a red light sort of mood! Her profile lists her as a bisexual dancer, neuroscience major, and a kinky, experimental… the list goes on, and were obviously enchanted!

That brings us to kwench. Her MGF page says that she is very curious and has to see and question everything. We didn't have to question at all once we saw her submission. This girl is going to be a tumblr contest regular!

Next is scarlettease, who has consistently amazing work to submit. Her profile says she is kinky as hell, and this picture definitely goes miles to prove that. Gracefully beautiful seems to be a normal state of affairs for her.

Deathmarch666 is our last honorable mention this week. Her photo struck the right mood of intimate and sexy. Her profile says she is into star trek, wears black, and likes to get naked. Sounds like a perfect combination to us!

With the honorable mentions out of the way, that means it's time to talk about the girls who won some cold hard cash. We start like usual with our runners up!

Cher123 heads up our Runners up, with this playful and intimate picture. The muted colors, and sense of overall composition makes us want to pay her some money! She says on her profile that we will all be better satisfied if we take some time to get to know each other. We couldn't agree more.

Next runner up is goes by the monikor Monday. She is a hairy, Canadian, teenage lesbian. She likes glitter and tea, punk music, and feminist art. She also loves teasing and showing off.. We could tell by her amazing HD submission. Enjoy your money Monday!

That leaves us with two winners.

First up is lustfulkitten. Her pictures have been consistently awesome, but this week hers stood out above the rest. Simple clean, and well composed, her submission proves that self shots don't have to be categorized as less than stellar photography. Her profile describes her as milf meets girl next door. She shoots on a nikon coolpix p500, and we couldn't be happier to contribute some cash to her fund, to help offset the cost off her camera.

The other winner this week turned in two great shots, and she goes by the name shesinstereo. Her photo on the floor of her studio by the drums captured a fun and real vibe we couldn't ignore. Winner winner, chicken dinner! This artist from the west coast can play her cello a little richer this week.

Stay tuned for next weeks sizzling lineup!
It's been a great week.

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