Stories From Tumblr, Week #15

Thanks to all of you ladies who sent us so many gorgeous pictures in week 15! Our weekly contest has become a High Definition experience thanks to you! Thousands of followers, likes and reblogs can’t be wrong. You ladies are where it’s at … and that is right where we all want to be.

We want to do something a little different this week and take some time to get to know the honorable mentions, winners and the runners up. The sea of beautiful people that this contest holds is always changing and adapting. The stories that could be told from this are often left only to the imagination. This week we will hop on over to some MGF profiles and see what these beautiful girls want us to know about themselves.

Our first honorable mention this week is MissKara. Her spotted bikini and we- can -do -it pose have classic badass written all over it. Jumping over to her profile says that we are right. She loves theatre, wrestling, kink culture, good food and her pets.

Next mention goes to SylvanaSmiles who went with simple black and white with this submission.
Her profile says that she is traveling the world, and wants to buy a houseboat with a rooftop garden. If she keeps sending pictures like this in, she will be earning some quick cash towards that worthy goal.

Our next honorable mention shoots on a Nikon D5100. She wants us to know she means media business. We are finding it hard to ignore these kinds of results. This photograph proves what we mean better than we can say. xxMiranda has it going on.

Final honorable mention of the week is Sativawisdom. She dropped this amazing candid off and we all stopped and paid attention. Great color, composition and vibe. Her profile says she digs radical self expression in all forms, body modification, and doom. Yes doom. She’s 100% real, and 100% awesome in our book.

That brings us to our runner ups! We couldn’t wait to give some money to LizElise for this waterfall shot. Her picture was perfectly exposed, just like she was. Her profile tells us that she is a caffeine addicted exhibitionist from the east coast. This cash should buy you more than a few lattes. Enjoy!

ScarletTease is a freelance writer who will have a novel published soon. With her sense of dramatic style, and her natural flare for aesthetics we would read anything she wrote. According to her profile she loves to hear about fetishes and fantasies. No wonder where she gets her inspiration from. Enjoy your cash Scarlet.

The winners this week are pretty incredible (not that the previous entries weren’t!).
First off we have Lushskyy. Her perfectly angled shot proves that oil and water do indeed mix. She is a walking, talking contradiction and she will outdrink you when it comes to 2% milk. She wears her heart on her sleeve and says she is the result of change once preceded by chaos. She is deeper than you might think, and her photo is just a glimpse into her awesome world.
Enjoy your money!

Every week we save the best for last and this week it’s no exception. TheAutumnWillow is 19 yrs. Young. She doesn’t eat meat, but doesn’t mind if you do. She is into fashion, and crafting her own weird style. Her two entries this week stood out for their overall sense of that very style. She pulls off that delicious mix of innocent and naughty flawlessly. This girl next door is hiding a secret Diva.
Enjoy your prize money!

Keep your eyes peeled and your reblog button warm boys. We have more contest beauties for your insatiable appetites. You just have to stay tuned to find out for yourself.

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