The girls spent Week #14 in bed on MyGirlFund’s Tumblr

Well boys and girls, week 14 slid right by without so much as a hiccup, or a complaint from the neighbors. Every day like clockwork, our Tumblr inbox has been filling up with mind-bogglingly sexy pictures. Some weeks our submissions are really wild, with lots of outdoor nudes, and crazy topless car rides. This week we bring you a calmer, and more intimate line-up of amazingly gorgeous girls, doing what they do best… being simply amazing.

No sirens, cops, barking dogs or fire trucks this week. In fact, a large number of our entries this time around were taken in bed! Think about it…These girls don’t even have to leave their room to be admired and pampered by thousands of fans, hopefuls, and friends. It must be a really hard life! Hopefully the cash will console our winners some. šŸ˜‰

Nothing says intimate and softly inviting like a real girl next door, hanging out in her bed. thanks to you, the “girls in their bed” tag has really got some love! It must be that we are happily chilling and sleeping off the last few chilly days of the lingering winter. There is something about a girl’s bed that is soft, and inviting. Especially when it has one of these beauties on it!

We hope that you enjoyed this week as much as we did, so without further adieu, I present the honorable mentions, then the runners up and winners of the Mygirlfund Tumblr photo contest.

Ddbrowneyes has the art of the close up self shot figured out! She is our first honorable mention this week.

Our next honorable mention is cherryvanilla, whose confidence and utter sex appeal is hard to deny!

That leaves our last honorable mention, DaisyRay, who really nails the low key portrait style in his stunning shot.

Ok, on to our runners up. There are three this week because the judges were split and refused to compromise!

Ziaa strikes an unbelievably sexy pose on her bed. We would definitely like to crawl under those blankets with her. Enjoy your prize money!

Next runner up is a Mygirlfund legend, ViciousVixen. She is no stranger to taking first class photos. No one does the self shot like her. Were giving her some money to show our appreciation for letting us see into her bedroom! Enjoy it, and keep them coming.

Our last runner up is LilianaRayne who gets the lighting and the pose just right for this shot. It looks like we are live in a cam show with her… We can only dream right?

That brings us around to our winners.
First winner is Bowie. Shes an adorably snarky alt model, show stops in to MGF to say hi to her friends once in awhile. Thanks for the beautiful picture. Winner!

Our next winner is Sugartits, who really brings this whole “#girls on their bed” tag home for us.
Can you imagine coming home from work to find her laying on your bed like that? mm. Winner!

See you next week. ā¤

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