Week #13 on MyGirlFund’s Tumblr

We’re pleased to announce that week 13 went off without a hitch over on Mygirlfund’s contest Tumblr. This week we had lots of beautiful submissions from relatively unfamiliar faces. Keep it up! We love to see new talent roll through our humble little contest. Ladies: make sure you’re aware of contest rules and judging criteria and have a great time winning that extra cash!

All of our beauties in the lineup this week look like they are having a great time, and that’s what it’s all about. We are seeing an increase in the talent coming our direction, and we couldn’t be happier about it! Most of the time, our winners photo has much better than average quality. We want you to be able to gain the most possible reblogs and new fans etc. for your entry. Good lighting, and photo technique is definitely a factor there!

For those of you wonderful women who sent in photos that didn’t get posted this week, I’d like to call your attention to week 12’s post, where we detail the rules for Mygirlfund’s Tumblr contest. Don’t let it discourage you, and don’t be afraid to send more in next week!

We have also noticed that the notes that you wonderful fans are leaving are very encouraging to our would be prize winners. So make sure you show your love and support by dropping a note, hitting the like button, or reblogging the cutie. These hot girls next door are definitely showing you love by allowing you to see inside of their bedrooms. Make sure you show some back.

Ok, on to it! We start off like we always do with the entries that almost placed. This is the trickiest part of the contest… choosing out of so many great pictures. Remember, if your photo didn’t get chosen this week, don’t get discouraged, this contest happens every day of the week, so get out those cameras, and don’t be afraid to shoot a few our way.

Our first offering is an honorable mention along with three others. These are pictures that came close to placing. All are beautiful examples of the types of submissions that we are looking for.

Lustfulkitten’s entry is fun, and sexy. All that white fabric says pure and innocent. Her eyes say otherwise. Perfect!

Another honorable mention was EvelynIrons, who looks perfectly seductive, laying in her bedroom.

Next is the amazing Calliekisses. No doubt she is every mans fantasy, and we are willing to bet that there are plenty of women around who have no shortage of naughty thoughts about her. Great shot!

Thanks also to ladybex. Her shot in front of the window is fantastic! The classic peekaboo post really works in this light. It stands out!

Thanks to all of the honorable mentions this week!

Now on to the runner-ups.
We would bend over backwards for Kaylie, it looks like she would do the same for us!

Our next runner up presents us with a beautiful black and white outdoor shot. We are guessing that this was taken in infrared. Maybe you can tell us if were wrong Rahchelle. Either way, it’s a fantastic picture with all the artsy lighting, and composition that you could ask for . Enjoy your runner up money!

We save the best for last, just like every week.

NympheanMinx hops up on the desk to give us a better look. Who are we to complain? Winner!

Our second winner this week is leximadison, in repose out in front of the fireplace. It looks warm and cozy where lexi is, and we all want to be there next to her! For that she takes the prize. Congratulations, enjoy your cash!

4 thoughts on “Week #13 on MyGirlFund’s Tumblr

  1. I love all the girls. They look amazing and I mean all of them. However, I can never seem to have enough of EvelynIrons. Her face is perfect and her body’s unreal. I try not to see her pictures at night, because I have a tough time falling a sleep after that. Tonight though I’ve made the mistake, so I’m gonna have to check to see if EvelynIrons is available for a cam session. You melt my heart EvelynIrons…

  2. leximadison needs to turn a little to her right and show that beautiful pussy of hers. Her breasts are perfect and she’s got that sexy face. She’s the type of girl that you want to fuck for days on. She’s definitely not a girlfriend material, but this girl you want to keep around just to fuck your brains out. She looks horny and ready. I love this girl.

  3. I’m into cosplay and cute girls. To me, there’s no prettier girl than Lustfulkitten’s. Just look at her man! Look how adorable she is! If she was my girlfriend, I would never go out and I’d stay with her at home all day long. I don’t think I could ever get tired of a girl that looks like that.

  4. You’re all winners in my book, girls. As your prize, you will get to have me any way you like. I’m willing to sacrifice my body to make sure that all you girls are awarded properly. Each and every one of you will get to have me, so take your turns in an orderly fashion. Let’s begin with Calliekisses. Shall we?

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