Week twelve was pretty amazing over on MyGirlFund’s tumblr

The Mygirlfund Photo Contest keeps heating up! Thanks to all of the beautiful girls who submit and all of the awesome fans who reblog, like and comment.

Every week we see a wide variety of pictures from our amazing girls next door. Some are from photo-shoots, others shot by friends or significant others, and some are just beautiful and intriguing self-shots. MyGirlFund girls take a huge amount of pride in providing candid, high quality media content for their fans. The submissions this week prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

We host this photo contest to encourage all the lovely MGF girls to always be raising the standard in their own media production efforts and we are more than happy to reward the best submissions each week with some cold hard cash!

We are fairly particular in the way that we judge these photos, so we thought it best to go over submission guidelines and winner criteria once again, so that everyone is on the same page.

#1. If your picture is obviously photoshopped, it won’t get posted. By obvious we mean things like big frames and borders and watermarks that distract or detract from the picture. These photos should be about you, and not your graphic design skills!
#2. We want to see the “real girl” in your submission! We do accept shots from photo shoots, but they must communicate the fact that you are a real girl being real, not some prop in a photographers vision. Photographers watermarks are not allowed, so only submit pictures you have the green light to submit.
#3. Hot is not enough! This is a photo contest after all, so blurry, dark, or very low resolution photos will be moderated.
#4. We only accept a maximum of three submissions a week,or two in one day, from any one member.
#5. We will notice if you are recycling photos that you submitted in the past and those won’t get posted. Fresh content only please!
#6. There is about a one day lag in between the time you email your submission and it’s appearance on tumblr. All submissions are moderated and click through links back to the appropriate profiles are added. (lucky you!)
#7. Winners are picked on Monday and the submission deadline for every week is Sunday midnight. This means every Monday is the beginning of a new contest week.

So on to this weeks beauties. As usual we post almost wins followed by runner ups followed by the 2 $75 winners.

Kinkypixie brings us some desaturated artistry, showcasing a pose that is reminiscent of her name.
We think were in love! Aside from the beautiful pixie, it’s the lighting that makes this shot!

Also worth an honorable mention this week is SinclaireS. Her shot is beautifully composed and mysterious. Note that her skin is not photo shopped into something that looks like plastic! The beauty and simplicity of this shot makes us say bravo! Keep submitting… A recent winner, it’s clear Sinclaire is a serious contender in this contest, keep an eye peeled for more of her!

Simple and beautiful go over well in our book! That’s why we love kittygirl’s submission as well. It’s a shame she cropped out her stunning behind, but other than that, it’s an entry that stood out to us. Runner up!

Angelkiss submitted this shot, which is FULL of her awesome personality, and strikes just the right combination of sexy and fun. Enjoy your runner up money!

LilianaRayne ROCKED the photo contest this week with her beautiful candid submission. It says sexy, approachable, and innocent. The tattoo gets about 25 cute points in our book.
Well done, enjoy your cash prize!

Aurielee’s photos bring soft, sexy and adorable all together into a triptych that we can’t stop staring at. It’s extremely sexy, and who can deny that great smile? Other than this being a very well composed photo with good lighting and technique, it’s obvious she is really having fun, and that’s what makes these shots rise to the top. Finding the balance between posing for the camera, and taking natural looking photos is tricky! She walks this tightrope with ease.
Also worth noting, is this amazing headshot she graced us with. A well done close up can be sexier than a full body nude, and she proves this very eloquently.
Kudos to you Aurielee, enjoy your prize money!



3 thoughts on “Week twelve was pretty amazing over on MyGirlFund’s tumblr

  1. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I enjoy the not so professional looking photos the most. Sure some photos are artistic and they look really cool, but they lack the feeling of coming from a real girl. I like my girl fund girls, because when I watch them, it feels like watching a girl next door. It’s natural, it isn’t forced, and they’re even more beautiful because they’re average girl-like. Anyways I love the girls of my girl fund.

  2. I’ve seen my share of titties in my days and I don’t usually get hard just by looking at them, but that Kinkypixie girl has the most sumptuous breasts I’ve ever seen in my life. Check out her profile page and you’ll be impressed even more. I know who my new favorite girl is. Do you? 🙂

  3. Wow Aurielee~! You just got yourself a new friend and client. She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen on mygirlfund.com and I’m dying to see more of her. She’s everything that a man wants. She really is soft, sexy, and even adorable. She’s perfect. I’d give her everything she wants if she were my girl.

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