MyGirlFund’s Week Eleven Tumblr Winners

Mygirlfund has the most amazing community of home grown hotties that you can find anywhere on the net. These are all girls next door to somebody, maybe even you! Every seven days, we have the extremely difficult job of picking the winners for our photo contest. What a week it was for this round! We had a large number of entries to go over,and choosing winners was as difficult as ever. Take a look at the MyGirlFund tumblr yourself and try to select

All we can say is that the response to the contest has been amazing, we have been happily overwhelmed with fresh new faces and amazingly creative photography. Considering that these are all submissions from every day girls next door, we are blown away by the artistry, and the talent involved in creating the gorgeous images. The latent artistic talent we are seeing makes us re-evaluate the need for professional photographers in the world of online modeling. Who knew there were so many talented models and photographers hiding out in the MyGirlFund community?

The coolest part of it all? You can stop by and talk to any one of these beauties one on one, only on Mygirlfund- 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We’re serving up another round of beautiful submissions below. It gets harder and harder to figure out a winner with every week that goes by. The quality just keeps going up!
If you’re not already doing so now, sharing the MGF contest link with your friends is a good idea. We really think we are on to something special with this little contest of ours. Thousands of followers and fans can’t be wrong. The growth we have seen for this being only week 11 has been outstanding. Keep up the great work ladies!

To the fellas: your continued interest in this contest (and of course your hugely appreciated reblogs) keeps these ladies motivated to continue bringing you the freshest goods, every day of the week. Keep it up! If they didn’t want you to see, they wouldn’t submit! So feast your eyes on this weeks round of winners, and runners up.

Who knows what, or who you will end up seeing next week?
Stay tuned!

As usual, we start with the almost wins, then the runner ups followed by the 2 $75 winners.

For lovers of artful chest tats and perfectly perky breasts, dontdospice

Late night rendezvous with college girl AnnaKarin

Cure to lazy sundays: a bong, heels, a wig, a chair and Mygirlfund’s Cheriebee

Kinkypixie + sheer = art

iicypuma is a runner up

HollyBlake is supple and fit in her cute black and white lingerie. She’s our other runner-up

Topography, texture and titillation … Kawaii is a winner

Monday is beyond adorable as the easter bunny … she’s our other winner


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