Spring Break at MyGirlFund! Week 9 winners

I think all of middle and late March counts as Spring Break, right? If not, it should and we all need to agree that spring break isn’t only for college kids. I imagine that we all enjoy similar rites of spring. As the weather warms and the sun shines, shorts, skirts and sleeveless tops replace pants and coats. Hibernating hormones stir at the sight of all that publicly exposed flesh. Frozen instincts thaw as the world vivifies. It’s party time for birds and bees, guys and girls.

Now, it’s always party time on the MyGirlFund tumblr, but the floodgates are really breaking open right now. The tumblr has turned into a swollen river of loveliness that overwhelms the banks of the male mind. Less poetically, if you like looking at candid sexy photos of amazing girls, you should be checking it out on a daily basis. The best part is that you know you can talk to any of these girls one on one and truly get to know them over at mygirlfund.com. Is there a better way to participate in the rites of spring on the internet?

Well, maybe our Free Your Face event that you can check out over on the MyGirlFund events tumblr. There you’ll find many of our girls posting pre and post makeup pics, confidently letting their natural beauty shine through.

On to the submissions. Almost wins are followed by the 2 runner ups and those are followed by the 2 $75 winners.

Misterie is the missing ingredient:

CherryBella shows off her cute kicks:

Caliguluv is hairy, weird and hot

TuesdayvonD with the beautiful chest tat:

Runner up Kinkypixie does old school glamour in boy shorts:

College girl Annakarin. Spring break anyone? She’s our other runnerup

Milky mounds in a milky sea. Thanks Kerfuffle, you’re a winner

Our second winner, hipster exhibitionist SinclaireS submitted a great pic but she exposed too many private bits for the wordpress community. You’ll have to enjoy it on the tumblr, highly recommended:

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