Week #8 on MyGirlFund’s tumblr and the Free Your Face event begins

Spring is breaking at MyGirlFund and the birds and bees are buzzing around 24/7. We’re excited to celebrate Spring Break and the reanimation of natural beauty with round two of our Free Your Face contest. What’s that? Last August, the girls came up with the idea of posting no-makeup pics, voicing the well-known phrase that boys ask a girl for naked pics while men ask for pics of you without makeup. Nothing wrong at all with being a boy, but the event was a huge success, reinforcing MyGirlFund’s reputation as special place that celebrates and empowers real girls next door.

Earlier this week, galleries of porn stars without makeup went viral. People were kind of shocked by what the porn stars look like without the heavy professional makeup and while we think the ladies are quite lovely, particularly the MGF girls in the gallery, the pics were not positively received. It seems people want their porn stars to actually BE pneumatic dolls. They’re quite human, actually, like all of us!

Anyways, that’s beside the point. The point is, the no makeup pics encroach upon MyGirlFund’s territory, and we figured it’s time to reclaim it with a new Free Your Face event. This time the girls are submitting pre and post makeup pics just like the porn stars format. We’re posting the pics on the MyGirlFund Events tumblr.

Now, we think our girls next door own the category of natural beauty and our amateur stars compare very favorably to the porn stars. We think you all will want to see how real girls look without makeup. Amazing, see for yourself!

Ok, so enough about Free Your Face, as you can tell we’re very excited about it. Now on to Week #8 of the MyGirlFund tumblr contest. The tumblr was witness to yet another delicious outpouring of generous sensuality. Picking winners was tough. It’s a hard job, but somebody has to do it. Below are the almost wins, then the runner-ups, and finally the $75 winners.

We’re happy to have Oysterbaby back on the site. It’s actually Oysterbabe this time around:

Andeedollface claims she has the best tits in the west and we tend to agree

Britishruby rips a hole in your world

Dulcia hangs out in a 1970s basement. She’s our first runner up

Damia in the great outdoors. She’s our other runner up.

We’ll say it again, we wish every day was Monday. She’s winner #1.

darbyxxxrose hit the jackpot with 2 hot, stylized pics. Beautiful stuff darby!

2 thoughts on “Week #8 on MyGirlFund’s tumblr and the Free Your Face event begins

  1. Is there a MYWOMANFUND? Seriously, I’ve just turned 40 & I’m entering a wonderful prime. I am definitely not a girl anymore…where do I belong?

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