MyGirlFund Girls Blow Up Tumblr Once Again: Week #7

We’re happy to see so many new MyGirlFund girls participating in the tumblr contest. I’m sure all the guys out there appreciate the chance to see who’s new and beautiful at So keep it up and if you’re a MyGirlFund girl who just joined the site, don’t hesitate to submit your pics. If you’ve been a MyGirlFund girl for a while and still haven’t participated, well, if you like admirers, it’s a great way to get exposure. Also, you won’t want to miss out on our next re-blog competition which will be announced sometime this month. Get your submissions in so that you can qualify.

We’ll be announcing other new contests soon. We’ll get going on a new erotica contest so get ready to exercise that naughty imagination and iron out some kinks. We’re also looking for new video contest themes. If you have any ideas please post over on the girls forum. We want to spotlight the many talents of MyGirlFund girls in as many ways and through as many venues as we can. If you have a contest or event idea let us know!

Now on to the Week #7, Feb 25-March 3, results. As in previous weeks, there were more deserving candidates than there were money slots. We’ll post the almost wins, then the runner ups and then the two winners.

Looking to connect with a girl next door? Look no further than new girl JessicaKathryn

babysonfire rockin out

Vicki will do anything for the right shot. Her efforts paid off with a runner up prize.

charlief0x relaxes. She’s our other runner up. She says she is on MGF to realize her dream: travel the world as a nude model. This prize will help a bit!

cheriebee is a winner with two great pics. In one she’s a colorful party girl, in the other a revolutionary.

We don’t usually do back to back winners but Jaina’s classy, artistic shots could not be denied.

7 thoughts on “MyGirlFund Girls Blow Up Tumblr Once Again: Week #7

  1. This is why I love the girls of My Girl Fund. They look natural and they’re real. 99 percent of the pictures you see of my girl fund girls are tasteful, sexy, arousing, and sometimes even a little bit of fun mixed in them. I love all the girls of week seven, but Jaina really stands out among them all. Beautiful, classy, and sensuous.

  2. I don’t normally describe the girls of my girl fund too explicitly, because after all these girls are not really professional porn stars and they do this for fun and to make some side money. But I gotta tell you about charlief0x… that girl gives me a hard on like no other girl ever has. I’m probably gonna be all over her tonight in my dream when I hit the bed and I’m gonna hope to remember every moment of that when I wake up.

  3. babysonfire’s got the best rack among all the girls, it’s just too bad she ain’t showing it off more. I’d definitely shell out some hard earned greenbacks to watch this girl get full on naked or even better get freaky. That double ponytail she’s got going is a complete turn on and if I were her boyfriend, I’d do her a dozen times a day.

  4. Jaina’s truly perfect. I love her slim figure and she has a classically beautiful face. Nothing about her really stands out as in having a shock value of sorts, but she kind of draws you in gently and after a while you’re completely immersed in her beauty. And did I mentioned I love her breasts? The most beautiful set of breasts I’ve seen in my life.

  5. Be honest guys. How many of you visit this website more than once a day? I sure as hell visit it whenever I’m reminded, so I’d say about 5 or 7 times a day and I don’t ever get tired of watching these girls. They’re very different from the girls you see on magazines or any other membership based girls website. I wouldn’t say clean, because most of these girls are kinky as hell, but maybe more naive would a better description. There’s just something adorable about the way these girls are sexy. Does that make any sense?

  6. What? We have no fans of Vicky? Guys, you really need to check her out on my gurl fund, she’s one of my favorite girls and I love everything this girl does. Jaina’s also one of my favorites, but she doesn’t need me to promote her lol, I think she’s got enough fans already. This is the first time I’m seeing charlief0x’s work, but I have a feeling it isn’t going to be the last time.

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