Spring is Coming: My Girl Fund’s Tumblr Week #6

Week #6, Feb 18-24, on our MyGirlFund contest tumblr was witness to yet another unbelievable outpouring of sensuous exhibitionism. The girls of My Girl Fund continue to amaze, uplift and inspire. We’re in the deep doldrums of winter and we’ve all had enough of the darkness and frost, so the moments of “warmth” that the girls are supplying are like beacons of hope. Spring will arrive and thaw us all. The girls represent that promise. Birds and bees will be getting busy soon and so will we….

If you’re an MGF girl, you might want to check out a new MyGirlFund tips and tricks blog run by experienced MGF girls. There you’ll find useful help articles for beginning as well as seasoned girls.

But most of you are probably guys interested in the girls, so let’s get to the action. Again, given the surfeit of sexy we’re crowding this post with more pics than there are winners. We start with the almost wins, then move to the runner ups and then the 2 winners.

Daisyray has been submitting good stuff, she’ll be in the winners circle soon if she keeps it up

Lithe Purpleyy probably looks good in purple, or any color for that matter

CallieKisses submitted another arousing bedroom photo

kinkypixie squeezes into a little bubbly tub

After all it’s onlyskin

First runner up, the adorable Artemisia

Miztresssophie is comfortable being our second runner up

Jaina is a winner, in repose.

Aurielee and naked hulahooping = springtime! She’s our other winner.

3 thoughts on “Spring is Coming: My Girl Fund’s Tumblr Week #6

  1. Is it only me or is CallieKisses the most beautiful woman of my girl fund? Wow.. I can’t get enough of her really. I think she’s pretty new to my girl, but she really made an impression me and I find myself thinking about her all day long. Aurielee has got me all excited here 🙂 by the way and Jaina.. what can I say, she never fails to turn me into a horndog.

  2. Onlyskin’s got the best booty, but the best boobie goes to kinkypixie. Face-wise I’ll give the award to Aurielee and the best pose goes to Jaina without a doubt. I’d like to see Aurielee do the hula hoop without the panties, maybe she might just do it for the right price. Well then, it’s time to explore the girls a little more.

  3. CallieKisses is fast becoming one of the most popular girls over at my girl fund and is not hard to see why. I mean, just look at her! She’s a fckin’ eye candy! She’s got that Barbie thing going and it works very well for her. The theme is probably overly done in this industry, but she’s got the looks to pull it off and she looks totally fckin’ delicious.

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