My Girl Fund Tumblr Winners Week #5

We aren’t going to bore you with text this week, we’ll just get right into the good stuff. And we had yet another pleasurable week of generous sharing by the girls of so there’s plenty of good stuff to go around.

We’ll go with the almost winners to the runnerups to the big money winners.

Draerose flashes

mmmStarbursts plays doctor

Andeedollface is some kind of sexy alien in goggles

The body swims away from the butterflies. Thanks Smiley, you’re a runner up

Callie93 finishes in the money again. She’s a runner up this time.

Winner Kitt3n used to be a ballerina

Black and white pics don’t usually win, but Vaniity’s submission is too hot to ignore:

4 thoughts on “My Girl Fund Tumblr Winners Week #5

  1. I’d love to be on speed dial for mmmStarbursts emergency needs, I think she needs a doctor and I believe I can cure this girl of her illness. For me, Callie93 and Vaniity are both winners this month, but I do agree that Vaniity looks amazing in the black and white photo. The side view of her showing a slight hint of her supple nipple is what does it for me personally. Her beautiful booty is an icing on the cake.

  2. Callie93 reminds me of Mischa Barton and mmmStarbursts looks uncannily like Kristen Stewart in the photos here. Both of those actresses are my all time favorites and therefore there’s a big incentive in seeing the two ladies naked. It’s kind of like living a fantasy through a lookalike I suppose. Alright girls~ let’s check out your portfolios!

  3. I’m into girls like Draerose. Girls that are a little on the skinny side, punk rock style, and a bit trashy looking. No offense Draerose. She kind of looks like the type that would go for the really rough sex and I just happen to be into that shit. Chunky girls like Callie and Kitt3n are not really my style. They’re too thick for my own taste. I like Smile’s body too, but I would have love have seen Draerose’s bare breasts. I guess that’s premium.

  4. I saw mmmStarbursts’s photo in a previous article and I gotta say she’s really hot. She needs to show a little skin though, I think my complaint was the same thing on the other pic, she doesn’t show enough of her boobies or vajayjay. Andeedollface is sexy too and I especially love her when she’s wearing reading glasses. I could spend all day watching these girls.. I’m in heaven when I watch them.

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