My Girl Fund’s Valentine’s Day Winners

The girls of MyGirlFund were busy on Valentine’s Day filling hearts and letting all the guys know how special they are. We’re happy to see how many profoundly deep relationships have been created on MGF and how fulfilling they are to both the guys and the girls.

We asked the girls to share their V-Day themed content with the world on our My Girl Fund events tumblr. While there weren’t many participants — the girls were obviously too busy filling hearts — the submissions we did get were delicious. Our winners got $50 a piece … thanks girls!

First winner is Rahchelle. I think the answer will always be yes!


Second winner is a two-fer. Mistress Bane is a sweet mess!



And our final winner, Delilahsweet showing off her hearted nipples:


4 thoughts on “My Girl Fund’s Valentine’s Day Winners

  1. Mistress Bane has one of the sexiest faces I’ve seen in years, but I’d love to see more her body. I see what she tried to do with the pictures and they’re cute, but pure lust themed pictures would suit her better. The winner this month has very beautiful breasts indeed and I applaud the cute idea, but my vote goes for Rahchelle. She can be my Valentine 365 days of the year.

  2. Very nice Delilahsweet but my pick for this week is Mistress Bane. I believe Mistress Bane’s ready for penetration in the lower pic and the upper pic suggests she gave her man a real nice end of the evening. Oh yeah she’s my kind of girl. Naughty, busty, and downright kinky.

  3. Now that’s my kind of breast 😀 Titties of love I’d name them and I’d take them stickers off with my tongue. Damn these girls hot! Why in the world would you pay for magazines and whatnot when you can not only watch these girls naked and get to know them as well. They have options to do different things for different prices, money’s well spent on these girls. I basically run my own Playboy Mansion with only a couple of hundred bucks a month 🙂

  4. So Rahchelle’s got that 40’s theme going with her and I really like that. Her hairstyle, body type, and even the type of the photograph is all reminiscent of that era. In my opinion women were allowed to be real women back in the days and I don’t mean to say they were obedient or anything derogatory like that, but I mean women were allowed to look like real women with curves in all the right places. Rahchelle’s the most beautiful in my eyes, but the other girls are also very busty and thick. I dig all the girls of Valentine Day.

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