Sexy Valentines Week at My Girl Fund! Tumblr winners week #4

V-Day is fast approaching and the girls of MyGirlFund are ready, as always, to seduce and be seduced. To see a sample of the way MGF girls are sharing the warmth of their huge hearts, head on over to our events tumblr where girls will be submitting V-Day themed content.

The submissions this past week were phenomenal. We had a really hard time narrowing down the four in-the-money spots and if the girls continue to participate at this rate, we’ll be forced to expand the prize pool. You’ll see below that there were many girls deserving prize money. Even selecting 5 non-winning photos to show was exceptionally difficult. We could have easily turned the spotlight on 12-15 great photos here.

As usual, first the almost winners, then the $25 runner ups and then the two $75 winners:

Ziaa is a virtuoso

Rahchelle braves the blizzard

Natashaphoenix … supple proportions

Ivorydewinter shows her tight and tatted body in this self-shot pic

Paramour is a bundled up in joy

Now our first runnerup, in recognition of Valentine’s Day, Monday has a huge heart

Second runnerup Evelynirons strikes a coy pose

Our first winner, shesinstereo … indeed

And our second winner, the amazingly artistic and erotic Fembot … yes, she’s real, not a bot or a toy. Find out for yourself!

3 thoughts on “Sexy Valentines Week at My Girl Fund! Tumblr winners week #4

  1. I bet week number four was the toughest week to judge the girls, because well.. just look at ’em!! One amazing shot after another and I’m sitting here drooling all over myself. Paramor will find a new friend on my girl fund today and so will Fembot. All the girls are so hot and sexy, but these two girls are special. I’ll try to chat them up today.

  2. Holy crap! Look at them melons on Monday!! Why would any guy go for a little girl tiny titty when you can have a full figured breast like that? Danm.. nowadays men just don’t know what true beautiful woman looks like. The whole skinny fad is overrated and the real beauties that have curves in all the right places are not appreciated fully. Guys, Monday is what you’d call a true beauty and not the anorexic models you see on victoria’s secret spread.

  3. I see Evelynirons likes to play lots of kinky games and that’s just my kind of girl. Garter belt is awesome and the way she looks back is just so freaking sexy! I think I might get started with her Little Red Riding Hood set and we’ll check out other sets if that is as good as I think it’s going to be. Paramour’s hot too and the rest of the girls are all hot, but Evelynirons is just something else.

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