What is My Girl Fund all about? Our Week 3 winners tell the story in pictures

Truth be told, we sometimes struggle to find pithy marketing soundbites that capture what My Girl Fund is all about. That’s because it’s not just about one thing or even two things. Rather, MGF offers an experience, but more than that, it offers the tools and platform for you to create your own experience.

Facebook of course offers this as well (on a less intimate level of course and with much less plaform openness) and I recall Facebook recently tried to define itself as one thing. They came up with Facebook is like a chair! No joke. So we’ll save ourselves the embarrassment that a contrived soundbite will surely bring.

Back to MGF. Girls and guys all use MyGirlFund in their own unique ways. There are no preordained experiences, it is what you choose to make of it and you get out of it what you put in. We think that experience of freedom and empowerment in a safe and private environment is what attracts so many amazing young women who would never even consider joining for instance a group cam site.

They’re happy to develop intimate online relationships but they want control over the depth and level of access and interaction. And guys love girls who feel safe, confident, open and empowered … girls who know they are being appreciated (even worshiped) for who they really are. That’s the magic of MyGirlFund and why so many enduring intimate friendships are developed on the site. To get some insights into the girls’ experience on MGF see www.mygirlfundreviews.com

Now, without further a due, we’re happy to introduce some of these amazing women. First two great pics that finished just outside of the money, then the runnerups and winners for the week of Jan 28-Feb 3:

Rahchelle with another beautiful full length shot:

poepoe. Not every rose has a thorn.

Mmmstarbursts is our first runnerup. Classic self-shot:

MissRemi is our other runner-up. It’s a 3 for 1, toes feet and booty.

blitheboned is a winner! Obviously!

callie93 is our other winner. If I was into cultural theory, I’d pontificate about liminality. But I’ll just say, captivating shot, congrats!

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