Contest Winners Week #2, Jan 21-27

Week #2 on MyGirlFund’s tumblr went by in a pleasurable blur. There were artistic art-or-porn type submissions, full frontal in your face thank you very much ma’am pics, playful self-shots, glamour headshots and booty, plenty of warm, welcoming (and welcome) booty.

The tumblr contest reflects the diversity of MyGirlFund’s community: thousands of amazing girls, all with something unique and special to offer. There’s no one particular type of girl next door, they are legion. There are literally millions and millions of “next doors” and the best of them showcase their unique personalities and talents on MyGirlFund. You get a small taste of that on our tumblr.

On to the winners. Again, non winners come first, then the two $25 runnerups, then the two $75 winners for the week.

Libbets has that sweet schoolgirl next door look down pat:

Smiley’s undulating booty:

MistressBane would be fun to bring home to meet your mom. She’s a runnerup this week:

babysonfire is having fun in what looks like her dorm room. The $25 she’s getting I’m sure will go only to books and educational aides:

And now on to our first winner. SammyCakes is just contagiously ebullient here:

And Rahchelle is our other $75 winner. Demure and inviting:

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