MyGirlFund and Tumblr: a Match Made in Heaven

Women from around the world have finally found a social network that allows them to express
every aspect of their personalities. At women are free to share their sexual desires,
emotions, creativity, and every piece of who they are. You will find women that are independent and
strong and women who are in need of the support and strength of others. Some are there to share
with groups of people and some to find just one person they can rely on. Relationships forged on
MyGirlFund can be casual, purely sexual, romantic, financial, or even a shared fetish. All of the
people who become members of MGF have one thing in common – they are willing to make
a social connection! is one of the tools that MyGirlFund members use to reach out to new people who
haven’t had the opportunity to learn about this intimate social network. While Tumblr is technically a
blogging platform it’s also a social hub that connects FaceBook, Twitter, and other networks together.
These people are all in search of the same thing the members of are, a social
connection! We’re happy to announce the expansion of our tumblr network with a MyGirlFund events tumblr that posts submissions from MGF girls participating in onsite events like sexy holidays, halloween etc. Here’s a great sexy holiday submission from Kandii

Holiday Kandii

When you visit that tumblr and the main one (down, but not for long!) be prepared to meet an incredibly diverse selection of women.The network is a global one that women of all ages, races, religions, and body
types have embraced. With the members of allowed to express their sexuality on
the network, you will find that they also tend to share their sexuality in a similar manner on the
MGF tumblr. There are often women who will wear revealing lingerie, go topless, or
get completely naked and share their photos with anyone who is willing to look.

You can use the official blog to get a sense of who the community is made up of. The men and women
of MyGirlFund aren’t professional models, flawless beauties, or some fake fantasy created on
the internet. They are real women who struggle with real world problems just like the rest of us. But,
they have the courage to put themselves out there and offer themselves to other members of the network in exchange for financial support.

Each girl on the network has set up a fund for themselves. They use this fund to help with tuition bills,
rent payments, or just to get by from day to day. The girls often offer personal and private sexual
pictures, videos, or even live cam sessions of themselves in exchange for financial support. What better
way to show you care for someone than to help them with their daily struggles? You can make real
personal and intimate connections on MyGirlFund that other social networks won’t allow. The best
part of the network is that it is absolutely free to join and use! So, have a look at all the members who
have decided to share with you on the MGF tumblr, find someone you want to make a
connection with, and then join them on right now!

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