Week 72, 16-22 November

It’s prize time again! The girls really stepped up for this week’s contest and not just the same crop of intrepid model/photographers, but a whole host of new girls! This week probably has the largest number of new girls we’ve ever seen! While there can only be one winner, thanks to every girl who submitted and keep at it – there’s always a chance for a win!

This week’s results are for week 72, which is the week of 16 November through 22 November. As usual, we’ll showcase the honorable mentions, and reveal the winner last.

First up, a girl who goes by C3-PHO – no she’s not a lover of pho, the Vietnamese broth soup thingie, she’s a Star Wars geek!


Next up, contest semi-regular Tourniquet showing off her booty clad in just a thong.


We also wanted to give a special mention to Siren, but her photo is a little too hot for WordPress – click over to the original to check it out.

This close up shot is courtesy of Ice Cream and it’s a really great example of the self shot pic:


This portrait shot is from a newcomer who calls herself Emmy Labeau:


Indira submitted several shots, here are two. If you are a fan of lace panties, garters, tattooed girls…Indira hits a homerun:



But in this case, we had a clear winner – contest newcomer Chezza!


Thanks to everyone who entered, the quality of your entries is consistently great and we really appreciate you sharing with your fans. See you next week!

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