How can we celebrate Black Friday and ignore Cyber Monday?

If there is any day that is tailor made for the girls of MyGirlFund it’s Cyber Monday. After all, what better way to break up all that online deal hunting than by giving yourself a gift! And what better gift than something cyber and sexy from an MGF girl. You should definitely hop over to the MyGirlFund Photo Contest on Tumblr and browse for a little someone special to shop with.

So, speaking of said photo contest, it’s about time we announce a new $100 cash prize winner. These entries are from 2 – 8 November and are really some of the best we’ve ever had.

A perennial runner up and/or winner is Apt. No. 7 – she’s got a great imagination and her photos show it off:

This entry is from Aurora, enjoying a little ‘me’ time and capturing it with her phone:

Another regular that really adds to the contest is the always sexy Amelie Vabruise:

This entry is from Laura Leigh just lounging in her birthday suit:

Mary Jane sent in this fantastic outdoor self shot pic:

And our winner is a MyGirlFund legend, though she rarely enters the photo contest, it’s Barbidoll showing off her ink:

As always, thanks so much to ALL the girls who entered and who make the MGF Tumblr such a great place to check in week after week for pretty girls and great photos. Congrats to Barbidoll on her win and we’ll see you here next week.

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