MyGirlFund Black Friday edition!

Heya! Happy Thanksgiving, and of course even happier Black Friday. For those of you who aren’t throwing elbows and body checking your fellow shoppers in the pursuit of a $39 tablet computer, I present a more civilized alternative: scantily clad ladies of MyGirlFund. As we do every week, we allow the ladies to submit photos to a candid photo contest and award the very best photo a $100 cash prize (that’s 2 x tablets, there!). These results are for week 69 (awwwww yeah! 69!!) which is 26 October through 1 November. As always we showcase a few runners up and then the big winner.

Perennial runner up Apt No. 7 offered up this take on cosplay as her entry:

Mistress Bane shows off both her rock hard abs and her Halloween make-up:

Tourniquet shows off her all natural curves and her literacy:

Chokemespankme submitted this shot of her Halloween make up:

This weeks winner is a newcomer to the contest, and we hope she’s going to be a regular part of it, because is she submits stuff like this every week she’ll be taking home quite a few cash prizes:

Yes, it’s Livi Humanity! With these two great shots of her Halloween choices! Really great stuff, Livi, thanks for submitting!

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