Doublin’ up!

Question of the week – what’s the difference between doubling down and doubling up? Don’t they mean the same thing? The reason this comes up is because this week we’re awarding the prize to a recent winner so we are either doubling down…or up…or both. Mainly we are doubling the cash in one girl’s fund. It’s not something that happens often, but it does on occasion. The fact is, each week is a separate contest and each week’s entries are voted on separately, so doubles can happen. Before we announce the winner for week 68, 19-25th October, here are a few of the runners up and almost but not quite winners:

This shot was the first entry by a girl who goes by Miami Sweetheart, showing off a perfect Miami beach bikini body:

This sexy bedroom shot from Anarchy Doll is a great first time entry:

While this entry from Summer Raine is sure to please ass men and lovers of stockings everywhere, it didn’t quite hit the mark to win this week’s prize:

Cherry Bella sent in this shot, showing off her Halloween costume and all we can say is rawr!

This week’s winner is Amelie Vabruise, even though she collected the grand prize just two weeks ago – how can you argue with her amazing entry?

There you have it, the best of Week 68, almost to the end of October. Next week has been voted on as well and will be announced soon – spoiler alert – it’s a first time winner!

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