New contest! Ideas, feedback?

The MGF Photo contest has been a lot of fun and brought a lot of excitement to our Tumblr; Not to mention the economic stimulation we’ve engaged in girl by girl each week.

But we felt we could do more for promotions and of course for THE ECONOMY! So we took the best parts of our Tumblr contest and we’re putting it to a vote: Who’s the BEST OF MYGIRLFUND (on tumblr)? The contest itself is easy, each girl gets a collection of the best photos she’s submitted collected in one post, at the end of the contest we’ll count up all the notes and reblogs and likes and the girl with the most wins. “But, but”, you are surely saying, “That doesn’t help THE ECONOMY.”

Well, no. But our stimulus plan does include $50 in cash to the funds of the TOP SIX vote getters.

Yeah! Price money goes six deep, you read that right! So head on over to the BEST OF page and help your favorite girl get a few votes!

As for feedback, if there’s a girl you’d like to see enter or a twist you like added…leave a comment!

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