Kinda an obvious winner.

We’re getting rapidly caught up on MGF Tumblr photo contest results. It remains to be seen what will happen if the results actually get posted exactly on time. It’s probably some kind of space time paradox like if you went back in time and killed your own grandfather…or is it Hitler? Or is it only a paradox if your grandfather WAS Hitler? Meh, f-it. If you want time travel, try Googling Marty McFly. If you want pretty girls taking sexy photos of themselves, THEN you are in the right place.

These results are for week 67, which was from 12-18 October. First off the runners up, then the $100 cash prize winner.

Fuhrer Blue has started submitting and while she hasn’t taken a win yet, it’s certainly in the mail considering the quality of her entires:

Kawaii always has something great to share (no this isn’t Nerf week):

LittleMissCharlie doesn’t enter often, but when she does, great things always turn up:

Another first time entrant is XCandy, who submitted this great outdoor shot:

Barbidoll hasn’t entered in ages, but after rediscovering the contest…and some barbells apparently, she’s been sending in interesting stuff like this:

Yawn…ANOTHER great shot from Apt No 7. It would be news if she sent in a BAD shot, wouldn’t it? Great stuff as always:

All great entires, yes but our winner this week is a great, fun, really well put together picture from Smiley:

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