Week 66 – the week number of the beast! Spooky!

Happy Halloween and welcome to week 66 of the MGF Photo Contest. These results wrap up the week of October 6-11th. Yes, a little late, but the winner still gets paid cash money, honey. How can you argue with money? That’s why they call it MONEY!

We had some great entries this week and ended up with a repeat winner, which happens a fair amount, so don’t be afraid to enter as much as you want, ladies.

Our first runner up is a regular contributor, Katrice. She’s tied with Siren for being the all time queen of self shot pics.

A relative newcomer, Krazy Kougar…er Krazy Cougar is a fan of the arty black and white shot, this is a great example of it.

This submission from India is a great example of why she’s always a runner up: quality.

This candid shot comes from a first timer, Coco Rosie. Everyone likes girls and bikes, how we not select her as a runner up.

And the winner, actually the TWO time winner now, is the girl with possibly the oddest and yet most compelling username: Amelie Vabruise.

Thanks Amelie, and thanks to all the girls who entered. Enjoy that $100!

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