How Sweet, Fresh Meat!

It’s been ages since we had a first time winner of the MyGirlFund Girls photo contest, and then last week we had one, and this week we have a second one. That’s a great thing for the contest, new girls = new creativity = freshness.

And if there’s one thing MGF girls are known for it’s being fresh.

Here are some of the best entries and the winner for week 65, 28th September through 4th October.

Little Miss Bambi – always a favorite, went black and white this week to try to appeal to our arty sensibilities. Great pic, Bambi, thanks!

Possibly the naughtiest username on all of MyGirlFund, this shot comes to us from ChokeMeSpankMe – showing you where to apply the SECOND half of her username, it looks like.

Smiley always has the most unique self shot pics, and this week is no different as she shows off a little something to make the rest of us a little more smiley.

Last weeks winner was Gypsy Fairy and she didn’t slow down one bit, trying win to win two in a row…not this time. But…almost.

This weeks winner is yet another first timer who decided to focus on a very specific body part with her submissions. The scientific name is caboose. But we just call it a booty and this weeks winner, Artemesia, has a very fine one indeed.

As always thanks to everyone who entered, congrats to Artemesia and keep up the great submissions.

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