Hellooooooooooo October!

Naturally, after week 62 comes week 63. This week’s winner MAY be the most hardcore winner we’ve had yet. But, you don’t get the reveal until the bottom, so first off, as usual, the runners up:

A relative new comer to the Tumblr contest, Gypsy Fairy is consistently submitting great stuff. There is little doubt that if she keeps it up she’ll pull out a win in the very near future:

Smiley has been sending great stuff for ages, and has won the $100 grand prize at least 2 or 3 times already, but with a backside like this, she’s likely to win another sooner rather than later:

Jillian Rose won as recently as one month ago, and when she submits stuff like this:

It’s no wonder she’s a top contender.

Neonn has been particularly active in all of the MGF contests lately, she even submitted some fan-fic like erotica to the MGF Erotica blog – in fact her photo submission kinda goes with the story, you should give it a read.

Okay, okay, enough runners up, you want the winner, right? The big cheese, the top dog? Well this week’s winner is Kandii with a piece of erotic that is so lava hot that we can’t even post it directly on here, you’ll have to click HERE</strong> to see it. Yep, THAT’s hotness.

As always thanks to all the girls who submitted and we’ll see you here next week.

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