Week 62.

We’re really rolling now…calm down Mary Jane…not THAT kind of rolling.

I mean we’re making progress, getting caught up on judging the contest and awarding the $100 cash prize for the best, coolest, sexiest, artiest photo submitted to the MyGirlFund Tumblr. So – last week was the first week of September, those of you who know your calendar know that means this week is the SECOND week of September, that’s right, week number 62, 7-13 September. As always a few runners up, and then, at the bottom the winner.

First up this clever, arty submission from Amelie Vabruise:

This submission from Redhead Calypso got a lot of attention, and with good reason:

Last runner up is a winner from just a few weeks ago, Jillian Rose:

And winner, winner chicken dinner is Mary Jane – yep that top picture was a spoiler alert. Now we don’t give out contact details or girl’s locations as a very strict rule, but this photo tells you one thing about MJ – she lives in AMERICA! Where else could you find a pretty naked girl hanging out in the yard doing a little target practice?

It’s something we call freedom, folks.

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