First week of September.

ALL SYSTEMS GO! Warp speed! Yes it took a bit of doing on our end but all of the kinks have been ironed out of the MyGirlFund Tumblr Photo Contest. So now…the only kinks should be in the photos that are submitted.

See what I did there, ladies? Eh? Eh?

Okay we got the jokes out of the way, on to the winner! This is week….geez who knows at this point. Week 61, is that even possible? Well since last week was week 60, I’m guessing yes. So week 61, which means September 1-6. Due to the technical challenges we have less runners up than usual, but the winner, is a stunner – she’s at the bottom.

Our first runner up is SouthernlySassy. She’s trying to stretch summer out a little longer and keep that tan going…

Mary XXX Jane submitted a whole heap of great shots, this one was a close call, but didn’t quite take home the cash:

With all due respect to Ms. Persephanie Daniels, her name sounds suspiciously like one of Charlie Sheen’s girlfriends. Judging by the way she cleans a swimming pool – she’d be welcome at Chez Tigerblood any time at all.

This weeks winner is a first time entry from a newcomer to the site, she calls herself ChokeMeSpankMe:

Thanks to all the girls who submitted, enjoy the cash Ms. SpankMe and to all the girls who aren’t entering, why not? If you’ve got the good and can get a cool photo of them, it’s an easy $100 in your pocket.

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