Week 60 winner and some news!

Due to some technical changes between Tumblr and the way they post things, the photo contest has had a few ups and downs over the last few weeks but we’re on top of it and will have the kinks worked out soon. So, keeping that in mind we want to offer all the girls who have entered a sincere thanks for sticking with us and keeping everything going.

The posting schedule has been slightly irregular but all entries are received, moderated and judged just as before, so worry not. If you submitted an entry, it’s been eligible to win. If you are Bellie Pepper and you submitted this entry, you did win, this week (by ‘this’ week we mean week 60, 25-31 August):

Congrats and enjoy that $100 bucks, Bellie.

We did have a few great runners up, as well. For starters, this rather explicit one from all natural redhead Redhead Calypso showing off how natural she is.

Jillian Rose submitted this fantastic shot, which illustrates why she won so convincingly last week:

Perfect color, great composition and a huge smile are all easy ways to win!

Amelie Marie is a relative newcomer to the photo contest and if this entry is anything to go on, she’ll be collecting the top prize sometime soon, for sure.

Speaking of relative newcomers, Tourniquet has started submitting recently and she’s got some really great stuff as well:

Our last runner up and previous winner is Kaylie, and the fact is, if the only judging criteria was attitude, she might win every week!

Once again, thanks to everyone who entered and keep them coming, we’re running this baby until the wheels fall off.

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