Week 58 August, also good news.

As we mentioned last week some technical issues put a brief halt to the MyGirlFund Girls on the Go Photo Contest that we host on Tumblr. The good news is that we’re back online and the contest is a go again!

Due to some technical issues, the week that ends on August 24th will be judged as a short week, and the contest will resume as normal the following week. The contest was offline from the 18th through the 21st and part of the 22nd, so no entry posted then will count. If you are unclear on how the contest works, refer to the contest section of MGF or the GOB and check the most recent post which explains how to enter and what the rules are.

But wait, there’s more good news! We were able to recover the entries from week 58 which was August 11 through the 17th and one lucky girl will be collecting a genuine autographed picture of America’s favorite dead president that’s not a president – Benjamin Franklin.

Runner up number one – DAT Kaylie, the famous owner of DAT ASS showing off what the world’s sexiest nerdy grrl might look like:

This entry is a great one from newcomer from Lola Ray:

Last week’s winner, Bellie Pepper is a runner up this week as well, with a great pic of Bellie wearing her cutest Where’s Waldo jumper:

Another first timer debuted well with this one, Amanda Brittany:

And our first runner up – a curvy cutie who goes by the mysterious moniker “Only Skin” this week she lost out on winning with this pic by a single vote:

It was a very close call this week between Only Skin’s amazing sheer tights (above) and Indira’s happy, lazy pose. But, this week’s winner is Indira, by a single vote! Congrats, Indira and thanks for entering and sharing and enjoy that C-note for your winning pic:

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