Week 56, July into August.

Wham! Quick follow up to yesterday’s post. There was some confusion in previous weeks when we announced two winners at once, so from now on we’ll announce one winner at a time.

So this announcement is for the entries from July 28th until August 3rd, which is week 56 of the MyGirlFund Tumblr contest. Much like last week we have a first time entry as winner, and you’ll have to agree, she deserves the $100 cash prize. Her submission is just incredibly good, it’s cute, flirty, and has great composition and color.

So here are 6 runners up, and then, at the very bottom, the winner.

Kaylie shows off a nice view of her fine ass, which most people call “Sparky” though she could get her ink altered to “Spooky” because it’s spooky how phat this booty is for a white girl –

Siren shows off exactly what it is that she uses to drive sailors on to the rocks –

Aurora sent in this hilarious submission – technically it probably wouldn’t ever win the contest, but anytime a girl busts out THE SHOCKER we have to give her an honorable mention –

If this were a ‘best smile’ contest, Laura Leigh would be a finalist every week, but we all hate the Pats over here so she’ll never win anything (just kiddin’, keep up the great work, LL!) –

Previous winner Frisky submitted this great self shot pic –

MyGirlFund legend Cherry Bella sent in this great photo showing off her love of Hello Kitty and…probably sit ups –

This week’s winner is Talie with this astoundingly good shot. It’s unique, sexy, colorful, a perfect winner, thanks Talie

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