Boo-Yah! End of July!

It’s a good thing the EPA doesn’t read MGF’s Tumblr or they would certainly shut us down for contributing to global warming with all this HOTNESS. The quality of submissions we got at the end of July are just amazing. We got a ton of very sexy photos from some regular contributors and the winner (at the bottom, like always) is a relative newcomer. She JUST started contributing over the summer and here she is, a two time winner already!

To be clear, these first few images are RUNNERS up. Not winners. The winner is at the BOTTOM. First up is Siren, brazenly showing off some bare hardwood floors. Girl! Hotness level = Arizona blacktop.

Next runner up is a very popular submitter, Mary Jane showing off her birthday suit in the backyard. Hotness level = live Kawaii lava flow:

Another runner up is also a relative newcomer: Sweet Sara in this short focus shot. Hotness level = Military grade thermite grenade:

The last runner up? It’s Femme in this simple, but incredibly sexy, all white ensemble. Hotness level = oven left on over night…ON THE SURFACE OF THE SUN:

And the winner for week 55 from 21-27 July? The grand prize winner? The $100 cash prize winner? A first time submitter and possibly the first natural redhead to enter? She’s Redhead Calypso and she’s a doll. Hotness level = meteorite made of sriacha entering the atmosphere:

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