Week 54, that’s more than a year!

Fifty four weeks? Good golly Ms. Molly it’s been a heck of a run with this thing. Strangely this deep into the contest there were a HUGE amount of really great entries. This week is great and we had a new first time winner, next week is HUGE as well and I’m really looking forward to announcing the winner, because she’s a first timer and submitted exactly one pic, which was the overall winner, instantly. So…something to look forward to amigos and amigas.

With no further ado, the runners up!

Dollie K sent this one in and it’s great…shallow focus, great color, an overall nice pic.

This amazing booty shot is courtesy of Mary XXX Jane.

Despite the yellow cast (buy some LED lightbulbs girl! Save the planet and make your pics pop!) this photo from Amelie Vabruise is really fantastic.

Other runners up? Frisky, chillaxing in the sun. Ice Cream showing off a very smart shower curtain. Bitch Pudding does her version of an old timey self shot and Hot Pepper…

Hot Pepper shows off some dangerous curves in a stripey bikini.

And, winner, winner, chicken dinner, click the pic for a huge version, it’s Sweet Sara with a passionate, teasy nude.

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